News from me

Today I called in to work due to a giant snow storm that caused accidents north of me backing up traffic and causing trucks to completely block the road. My road is still not plowed nor is the main connecting road that goes through here. The bus radio was blaring last night warning bus drivers not to try to turn around in the Walmart parking lot. Last night I dropped a mitten in my yard and it was GONE in a flash under a blanket of snow. Never mind I couldn’t see it in the dark anyway. Oh well that’s another pair dead.

Today I am spending my day off arranging my “business casual” clothing so that I can find what I need. I am putting the rug back down on the floor since it is dry after its shower. I had to shower it because Puzzle used it as a toilet a few days ago.

Mostly, I am getting ready for a gigantic toastmasters speech I am giving. I am inviting a few people to come to our open house and I hope it will be well attended. I’m recording the speech and if it comes out well I will put it up on youtube. I only have my days off to get ready.

Are you guys staying warm? I hope so.

Feedback and comments welcome!