Psych survivors regularly put each other down without realizing it

You would not believe the commentary I get from very well-meaning people. “You’re too old.””You’re too sick.” I ask where is the sickness and how old do you have to be to qualify for old? Do I act sick? Am I decrepit? Is running 5k not far enough? Am I lame? What the heck is wrong with these very well-meaning folks that they have to do this kind of thing to me all the time? I ask if it is the jealousy factor, but honestly I don’t know.

Have you guys experienced this, and what do you do about it? Where’s the disability? Where’s the limp? Where’s the incapability? I still hear, over and over, just how much I can’t. And yet I don’t see evidence for “I can’t” anywhere. Where’s the illness? Go show it to me and I’ll back down.

I called this employment place about a month ago and they tried to tell me a million reasons why I was unemployable and why I needed “supported employment.” Nope. I do not have “supported” employment thank god. I do not want to be a known leper.  I do not want to be singled out.  I got employed based on merit and experience. I never said a word about “disability” payments. I told them I had a master’s which, by the way, I earned because I am worked damn hard for it WITHOUT ACCOMMODATIONS, and my employer happens to LIKE me.

I work five days a week, full work days, long commute, and before work I go running at the gym. I even have a work badge.

Success is the best revenge.

2 thoughts on “Psych survivors regularly put each other down without realizing it”

  1. I think you are right – success is the best revenge. I used to think writing well was the best revenge. No reason why we can’t have both. All the best,

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