I am free of fake birthday wishes!

I don’t know about you guys. Maybe you feel differently, but I find the fake birthday wishes I have gotten on Facebook depressing. Here’s why.

I remember once feeling elated that I had received so many birthday greetings via Facebook. The glow lasts a few days only. You end up realizing that those who wished you happy birthday don’t even want to have much to do with you. What’s the point?

Facebook isn’t a great place to ask for advice. You get bad advice, or you get bullied just for asking. For instance, I asked on a page about finding a job. What was the response? I was told it was my own fault I was unemployed. I was called both stupid and naive.

I end up telling myself I shouldn’t ask such questions and expect anything but cruelty. Don’t ask what is the best pizza place, what is the best way to complete a class assignment, nor how to keep your hands warm in the cold weather. The latter ended up in ganging up on me and name-calling.

Each time someone is cruel I have a hard time shaking it off. No it is not worth it. Say no to cruelty!

I’m done. I deleted my account. Just in time for my birthday. I want to have a decent birthday free of fake friends and nastiness.

2 thoughts on “I am free of fake birthday wishes!”

  1. If I am sincere about sending birthday greetings//wishes, I do so by email. I really hate the facebook reminders – every single day. – people I have never even met.

    1. Apparently now they have an auto birthday app where you put in your friends list and it’ll send out automatic birthday wishes you don’t even have to think about.

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