How ED stereotypes are truly harmful if you just aren’t like that

I believe the reason I wasn’t believed when I said I had ED for all those decades was that I didn’t fit THEIR stereotype. I didn’t wear baggy clothes. I didn’t EVER look at a fashion magazine. I never wanted to look like a movie star and honestly I do not even know what any of them look like. Except Elvis. Did I want to look like Elvis? No.

I didn’t overexercise. I run but that doesn’t mean OVER exercise. Running keeps me healthy. I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t have “comorbid” addictions. I don’t cut. I don’t do any self-harm. I don’t party either. Never did.

I didn’t want to be thin to get a boy. If anything, I wanted men far away from me. I didn’t give a shit about fashion and still don’t. I don’t spend a cent having my hair “done.”

I didn’t throw up my food, despite being accused multiple times. I wasn’t suicidal. I wasn’t a teen when I got ED.

I didn’t have a “bad mother.” Fuck all those therapists who assumed I did.

Above all, I was not a perfectionist. I think the perfectionist claim is total bullshit, and actually creates perfectionism in people. Liking doing school work (and being smart) isn’t a disorder. Enjoying learning isn’t a disorder, nor is wanting to do well.

For god’s sake I sure wasn’t “bipolar.”

And yet, I did have ED, and it was very serious. I had it for over three decades, mostly ignored by MH professionals or badly handled.  I got away from them, and that’s how I got better.


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