We may never know….Antidepressants and violence

Thanks to HIPAA, the double-edged sword, your doctor is protected and above the law in many ways. Had William Scott Smith, perpetrator in a murder-suicide in San Antonio, seen a psychiatrist prior to the shooting, any record of this might very well never come out. People don’t exactly announce to the world that they’re seeing a shrink.

Listening to the following podcast (I’ve been subscribed to this guy for a while), we can see that there were hardly any hints that this would happen.

Perhaps alcohol was involved. Apparently he didn’t come away from the military traumatized. However, if you keep listening, you will note that Scott Smith saw TWO therapists, plus the marriage counselor, toward the end of his life. Two? Was one perhaps a psychiatrist? I would suppose the legal people won’t even question these “therapists.” Sounds like he was depressed if he was “dreading everything.” actually that, right there, sounds like a reaction to antidepressants.  So I ask….Were antidepressants part of the picture? Has anyone asked this? Were antidepressants found in his system? Was alcohol withdrawal a factor? And, was he prescribed antidepressants by a prescriber who was aware of his alcohol use?

Bravo to the woman in the podcast who states that people shouldn’t be blaming what happened on “PTSD” or on a mental disease. She states, quite clearly, that “it was more complicated than that.”

The incident is rather fresh, so it’s highly possible they simply don’t know if he was on SSRI drugs. It looks like the “therapists” and of course, the drug companies, are safely protected. And will likely remain so.

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  1. Some people point out not everyone on SSRIs goes on shooting sprees. Good thing, since 20% of Americans take that crap. But a lot of people act weirdly in self-defeating ways the “real” them wouldn’t. My friend Vern asked if drugs for depression can make you high. I told him you can feel like you’re dropping acid. A lot of what we call “mental illness” is actually drugs. “Relapses” are DTs or withdrawals. It makes sense why suddenly stopping them makes you freak out when you realize how addictive they are, just like stuff off the street.

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