How to tell if your friends are reading your emails

Be very very careful with this. You can’t accuse because then they’ll call you paranoid. There are indeed ways to “tag” an email and then you can see if it has been opened. You cannot tell if a person has read the email. But I can tell you, from experience, that there are tell-tale signs of not having read the email whether it has been opened or not.

Let’s say you write a five-paragraph email. This isn’t unreasonable. Most of my blog entries are more than five paragraphs long. It probably doesn’t take that long unless you’re using a cell phone or you’re not that fast at writing.

Either way, we can assume that the first paragraph is about one thing, the second about another, etc.

I figured out my friend wasn’t reading my emails but it took a long time for me to realize this. When she responded, she ONLY responded to the first or second paragraph in my email. Normally I wouldn’t be concerned but this was a rather consistent pattern. I finally concluded that she never read down to the end. I also concluded that my emails were unwelcome.

I thought, as a test run, to put something really outrageous in the bottom paragraphs. Something that, if she read it, she would be sure to respond. But why bother? It was getting to be more and more obvious. It wasn’t that she wasn’t reading, it was that she didn’t really want to be friends.

I guess I am old school. I put a lot of effort into my emails and my hope is that in doing so, I am reaching out and furthering communication. I don’t want to bother with people who do not appreciate the effort.

Yes there are teachers out there who do not read the papers they grade. Ah, shame on them!

2 thoughts on “How to tell if your friends are reading your emails”

  1. Even when I volunteered at a parochial school I scrupulously read every paper I graded. (The teachers were overwhelmed.)

    If I still did online dating I would put a password at the bottom of my profile to make sure the guy actually read it. I always read their profiles before messaging them.

    1. I guess since I generate so much text and put effort into it, I find it disconcerting if my effort doesn’t pay off and what I write falls on deaf ears.

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