Freud was right about projection

I have heard arguments on both sides of the Freud fence, and maybe that’s because Freud, like any other human being, changed his mind, as he had the right to do. Unfortunately he changed his mind to please not-so-nice folks, perhaps to maintain his elite status, which explains his wacko penis envy theories that reek of woman-hating.

Freud didn’t always believe that stuff. I suspect he wanted to get as many “likes” as he could get so he caved in to the pressures of the crowd. It is probably accurate to say that he was pressured by child abusers to make it look like molestation was all in a kid’s head, a fantasy…a normal fantasy even.

I am pressured, too. I’m pressured in many ways by a lot of people one way or the other. I have been pressured to give up the fight, or even to make some statement that the abuse that happened to me never happened or was “justified.” Yikes. I have been pressured to stop writing, threatened even. You guys probably remember the police visit 1/10/14, entirely illegal, when the cop and two church people demanded I stop writing. I didn’t. Thank goodness for that!

I was name-called by folks at my grad school and I never got an apology for all that. They weren’t pressuring me to change my ways, but definitely calling me a shit and I didn’t appreciate it.

I get pressured by people who just don’t want to hear nor believe the truth. Thankfully many others have been abused in hospitals. I just found this website, as you can see, the founder started the site because she was horribly abused in a hospital. I have contacted her although I am not sure they’re doing anything outside of New York. I encourage anyone to get in touch with them because they seem like an active organization that might really help get people representation.

Freud did cave in, but he was right about projection. The projection idea explains why some people get overly critical. I really hate pickiness, don’t you? Like slamming you down for using the wrong grammar (when you’re really tired and only want to end the conversation) or insulting you because you ask what they think is the wrong question. Sometimes people certainly hate themselves and they show off their self-hatred by condemning others. Other times people are very controlling and if you don’t fit into their little submissive box they will lash out. Interestingly, some will condemn you and then, try to get others to chime in. “Oh yes, she sucks.”

People will criticize you for the very flaws they hate about themselves. Even if you don’t possess those traits anything beyond the normal, somehow, they’ll imagine you embody everything they hate and then, call you names. I have seen this, and worse.

I don’t like using the baby and bath water analogy since psychiatrists used that one on me, but when it comes to Freud, he was right sometimes, and not right other times. Isn’t that about how the human condition is?

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