If there’s such thing as gay rights, then there should be such thing as single person’s right to stay single

What is gay rights? Gay rights means, I think, the right of a person to love another regardless of gender. This is becoming more accepted as more states are honoring the rights of gays and lesbians to marry.

What about single person’s rights? This means (according to me) the right to NOT be asked, most obnoxiously, “Are you married.” The right, subsequently, NOT to be hit on after I say, “No, I am not married.” The right to say I am happy to be single and NOT be told, “Oh, you must be lonely.” How presumptuous is that!

I have the right to enjoy being single and unpartnered. I have the right to end these assumptions that I actually am unhappy being single, since…hey, blog readers, have I ever actually stated I wanted a partner on here? No…..

I have the right to say I enjoy being single and not be hammered with, “Oh boy, you have a disorder.” And let’s name that disorder please. “Frigid.” Or, maybe, “Incapable.” Or if I were male, the assumption, “He can’t get it up.” Can’t I enjoy being single without these rude assumptions?

I am tired of people saying, “You will find a great partner if you do X Y and Z.” What if I don’t even want one? Did I say I wanted one? Did I say I was on the prowl, or wanted to change my life to get one? NO!!!

Please, dear suitors, stay away. I am tired of the come ons. I like my life the way it is and as Single Rights Activist, I proclaim my right to not be called disordered just for being unpartnered. Please don’t say I’m abnormal just for loving my much more pleasant fuzzy creature. Yes she snores but I love not ever saying that fish and bicycle thing when it comes to dogs. So there.


4 thoughts on “If there’s such thing as gay rights, then there should be such thing as single person’s right to stay single”

  1. Excellent post! I love your writing. This really spoke to me, and gave me strength. Thank you Julie. Your writings help me so much to keep going.

  2. Ever read anything by Bella Depaulo? She’s a social psychologist–more into studying social phenomena than individuals. So she’s more like a sociologist than a typical psychologist. She talks about “singilsm” or discrimination against singles and how if you’re “singe at heart” you shouldn’t marry–you’ll be unhappy.

    My main loneliness as a single woman comes indirectly. I don’t miss a hubby and 2-3 kids since I never had them; the way people ignore or sometimes sneer at me in my family friendly community makes me feel truly lonely. Indiana is the worst!

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