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My New Year’s Resolution

Usually, Brogan’s entries are full of slick advertising and self-promotion. I was so disgusted I was tempted to unsubscribe but I kept up the subscription. I wasn’t reading her posts anymore, though. I didn’t want to buy her program (which wasn’t relevant anyway). After all, she claimed it only applied to 11% of women and then, insisted that her entire audience fell into that 11%. Where did she get that figure from, anyway?

I’m realizing that a lot of people self-promote whatever business they are doing. It seems that this is the goal of one’s Facebook and Instagram presence these days, to sell something. With so many people getting in on the act, it seems like we’re just squeezing each other aside, doesn’t it?

I feel guilty asking for money from anyone. I think this is the result of decades of unemployment. I’m not accustomed to being paid for what I do. I even did my entire master’s degree with the idea that I’d never use it for employment since…I admit…I was off the hook via “disability.” Disability that didn’t quite add up. Which wasn’t my fraud, but that of those that convinced me I was disabled.

Do others in similar situation work as hard as I do…for nothing? If I were to add up the hours of the day that I work, work hard that is, creating web pages, fussing with plugins, writing content (as I am at this very moment), writing more content, answering emails, editing the shit I write, creating newsletters…it adds up to an easy 40 or more hours a week, likely 60. I never take time off and enjoy myself immensely. Am I alone here?  Am I the only one who has to exert effort to tear myself away from my writing to get housework and laundry done?

Anyway, I like this entry of hers, but I fear it’s only a teaser.

It’s a fucking rat race out there, folks. Whoever has the money to pay into glossy advertising will get more clicks and be the winner. Quality no longer matters. It’s all about the bucks. And I find that sad.

A long time ago I befriended a homeless man named Mike. I was walking around the city with him when suddenly he showed interest in the contents of a trash can. I swear Mike had a keener eye than anyone I’ve ever met. He had x-ray vision. He saw right into the trash can. He pulled out a wad of trash and extracted a pencil.

Mike and I sat down at a place called Market Square. He found a piece of paper, probably the back of a piece of advertising. With the pencil he had found, he began to draw. I realized this guy had talent beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

He drew several images. I asked myself if Mike would ever be able to afford art classes, or be able to show his artwork in a gallery. Likely not.

Do you have a Mike in your life? Someone you know really has talent, but isn’t out there in the limelight? Someone who can’t even afford a pencil, let alone pay for advertising or promotion? Someone who works hard at his craft but doesn’t get paid a cent?

Today is Appreciate a Starving Artist Day. That’s a New Year’s resolution for you, eh?

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  1. The earliest human beings were artists. Remember Mammoth Caverns?

    I don’t read Dr. Kelley’s blog because I am not rich enough to eat the diet she insists is essential. Let alone any of her services or materials except the occasional book.

    Her clients must all be heiresses or married to wealthy men.

    1. She practices in NYC, and as far as I know, it’s next to impossible to live there due to the high cost of living anyway. Yes I know…grass-fed beef? Really? I have seen the prices, too. I’d rather eat the grass instead.

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