Paid by the head

I have every reason to believe that Gould Farm was paid by the head to get their clientele onto disability. I had already applied and had rightfully been turned down. But after I arrived at Gould Farm they told me they were putting my application in again. I never saw that application nor filled it out myself. They told me Dr. Capers was filling it out. I was never given an independent exam nor any exam for “disability.” I wonder if Social Security has that exam paper and if they will turn it over to me. Has anyone out there ever gotten their paperwork from Social Security? I am wondering what he had to put to get it pushed through.

I had tried suicide, but was no longer suicidal. I was mildly depressed, not seriously. They totally disregarded my eating disorder, which I had complained about. But I gave up early on, realizing that no one was going to hear me out.

So what could they have possibly put on that paperwork to get me approved so easily? I think they were paid to do that. Someone was benefiting, since they put a lot of us on those payments. It was ironic because their literature talks about “becoming financially independent” and putting a person on disability is not working toward that aim.

I contacted Gould Farm. They say they no longer have my records. That’s probably true.  But Social Security would indeed have my records. I think I’m entitled to them.

Has anyone ever succeeded in getting these papers?

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