Be careful!

The Washington Post has published the footage of an officer slaying an innocent person. I am not going to provide the link because the content is extremely graphic. I couldn’t get very far watching it myself, and I’m not easily upset by such things. What disturbed me was the total disrespectful attitude of the officer.  The man was no danger, yet the officer treated him and his female companion like they were nothing but despicable things. It wasn’t so much the graphic stuff but the reminder of the way we were treated in the nuthouses. I couldn’t listen to it. I believe at the end of the footage the officer shot the man.

The killer was tried, and, as usually done, acquitted. I noted that the Post by all means did not write favorably of the police in general. At the end of the article the Post stated the officer was not planning to return to the force.

Folks, this can happen to anyone. Be very careful around the cops. Don’t reach into your pockets or do anything close to that.

One day, over a year ago I was in an urban park where there were tables and benches to sit on. It was lunchtime. The sun was so intense that as soon as I sat down I felt sleepy. I lay my knapsack on the table, crossed my arms, and rested my head, planning to sleep for only about ten minutes.

Someone interrupted me. It was a cop. He told me I couldn’t lay my head down in the park! That, he explained, was “loitering.”

I left the park, feeling someone unnerved over it all. On my way out of there I passed the sign overlooking the park. It said something like “Welcome all” and I can’t recall what else.

No welcome for the weary, I thought.

Be careful, it’s getting worse out there.

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  1. My best friend had a police officer threaten to arrest her for trying to get into her own car at night. This story makes more sense when you take the fact that she is African American into account. She is well mannered and law abiding, dresses well and never disses police or other authority figures. (Unworthy of respect as they sometimes are.)

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