Incident on the Avenue

I decided to take a side street home, following the avenue that runs parallel to the main street. As I passed the high school I was held back by a crossing guard. I watched her deftly direct traffic coming from three directions, feeling reverence for this woman who risks her life to ensure kids are safe.

Three blocks down the road, or perhaps more, I heard shouting from a car. A woman’s voice, and then, a man’s. I assumed it was the usual shouting I hear from cars sometimes. Maybe they were thrilled to get off of work.

Ahead of me now, the car screeched its brakes. It was still in the middle of the lane, but the woman jumped out immediately, shouting, “I’m going to call the police!” She repeated this a number of times as she ran away, over the curb and into the UHaul parking lot.

The car swerved around a sharp corner, about 3/4 of a turn around, screeching tires as it turned. The man shouted from the car. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but I knew he was more than angry. He was in a rage.

The car drove right on the sidewalk behind me. I jumped away. Fast. I was lucky that I wasn’t hit! The man drove the car into the parking lot going after the woman. His voice was booming and scary-sounding.

I didn’t know what to do. As far as I could tell his car was still parked right inside the lot and they were still screaming and fighting. I knew it would be risky to walk behind the car as the man might back up and not see me. I don’t think he saw much of anything right then.

I started back southward on the avenue, back in the direction of the high school, thinking I could turn on a side street. Then I heard them screaming way in back of a nearby building. I turned around, realizing that if he had parked the car I might get close enough to read the license number, not that I’d know what to do if I could. My phone’s battery had been dead for hours.

Apparently the man had taken his car elsewhere as I didn’t see it. I tried to listen for shouting but whatever I heard was mixed in with the goofing-off sound of the high school kids and passing traffic.

The sky turned gray and dim.

I saw two guys walking toward the UHaul office. They appeared to be employees. I wondered if I should step inside there and say something. I couldn’t quite tell if the office was even open. Apparently the two of them had at least partially witnessed the incident.

They stood like ice statues, smoking their cigarettes.

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