How therapy fucked up how we see anger

The psychotherapy industry gave anger a bad rap. While most therapists won’t admit “Anger is negative,” they imply exactly that.

They will have you do exercises to exorcise that demon called Anger. Get your anger out. What is the REAL message here? Clearly, Anger is this poisonous emotion. Actually, that’s a fallacy.

Anger isn’t good nor bad. It’s like the color red. Is red good? Bad? See? Anger isn’t a moral issue, but the psychotherapy industry has created Demon-image of it.

I ask: Why can’t I just feel it, enjoy it, use it to motivate me? I don’t see it as a negative force in my life. Anger NOW does more good for me than harm. And if anyone says otherwise, aren’t they putting words into my mouth?

It’s really okay to have a feeling. It’s not a sin. The only “sin” mentioned in the Bible, the Ten Commandments, that is, is coveting one’s neighbor’s wife. Is that the same as jealousy, or envy? Or some form of The Grass is Greener?

When I was a kid, and, in fact, until 2011, I was passive and naive. I let people walk all over me and I never said anything. I can’t say their actions ever got me pissed off, but sometimes if a person was really cruel I felt stressed out over it. I suppose if anyone talked, they might have called me a pushover.

I got into a few situations where people took money from me. I had a hard time learning my lesson from these experiences. I kept on being a sucker, believing what I was told, not saying much.

Some of you have been following here for a while. Do you think I’d remain silent if someone took money from me now? If someone tried to take advantage of me, do you think I’d let it keep happening?

I know I am a stronger person now. Allowing myself to feel pissed off has helped me speak up for myself. It helped me leave the mental system. It helped me get over my eating disorder. It helped me stay alive.

I ask…Since when is anger such a terrible emotion? I don’t throw things, I don’t hit anyone, I don’t scream, I don’t cry. I do cry when reading sad books but I don’t let anyone see me. Since when is anger so bad?

It brought me to the Movement, too. Our collective anger at the inhumane and cruel way we were treated in the nuthouses fuels us and keeps our Movement going. It keeps me writing, a lot of writing. It helps me generate ideas and gets me excited and hopeful.

Anger is the one thing that fuels my belief that we still have a chance here on this planet. Much as we’ve mucked things up, I believe somehow that our voices will he heard at last. And all that feels very very good.

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