Placebo effect, you tell me…..

I was in bed about 12 hours last night and most of it I spent sleeping. Lightly sleeping, I admit, but sleeping nonetheless. I think I must have gone to the bathroom maybe seven times in all. I keep wondering if I should move my bed closer to the bathroom to save myself the nightly nuisance, but things stand as they are.  I don’t have  a  clue what I did right, or didn’t do wrong. I went to bed at 7 in a sour and pessimistic mood, worrying about the job training, worrying I’ll be kicked out or told “you aren’t ready for this” after I had already paid a fortune for it. Or that I wouldn’t be able to stay awake for the lengthy intensive workshops. For sure I would not pass if that happened. At any rate, I went to bed with that negative thought, and lo and behold, slept, for the first time in ages. I have no clue what I did right for a change. Was it the light box, or something else? Was I just so exhausted from many nights of not sleeping? Was it just coincidence? You know, a person can get very superstitious about all this after a while, thinking it is this or that. That’s because insomnia makes you miserable, desperate for an answer. You will latch onto pretty much anything that you THINK works until you realize it doesn’t.   I imagine people fall for expensive scams very easily because they get to that very same point of desperation.

As a rule, remember, the answer to almost all of life’s problems does not take expensive rocket science. The answer lies within. Most of life’s questions can be answered by YOU, not by someone claiming to be an “expert” charging a fortune. Be careful! If it’s expensive, don’t fall for it.

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