Sleepio costs $300 but it’s based on an inexpensive, out-of-print book

Have you heard of Sleepio, the slick program that is supposedly all the rage? It costs a whopping $300! Did you know it is based on a book by Colin Espie? From what I know, someone used the book and was impressed and then, teamed up with Espie to develop the Sleepio “app.” The program is based on the book and claims to be “therapy.”

From what I can tell, the “therapy” is really dissemination of information. You get quick access to a huge database of sleep research. Sleepio doesn’t address physical drug damage nor even acknowledge it. It only addresses “habits.” I can’t see paying $300 for it.

You CAN access and read through their forums without paying for the program. I see there’s much pressure the “follow the program perfectly.” Of course if the program isn’t working for a person they’re told they aren’t working the program perfectly enough.

Now that I have inquired I am getting all sorts of ads in my inbox from them. Along with all the other ads I don’t even look at.

I suspect they let the book go out of print so that they could reap the monetary benefits of the online program. What do you want to pay? $10? or $300? I vote for $10 including shipping and that’s even the large print edition. I hope the book is very boring, so much so that it puts me to sleep.

Among other worries I have right now include worrying I won’t be able to stay awake for the upcoming job training. I can’t make it through a single day at this point without nodding off or needing to lie down due to daytime exhaustion. I cancel commitments due to exhaustion. I lie to people and say I am ill.  I don’t ever feel rested in the morning. Nights are miserable, very long and tedious. I wonder if the change of season has made things worse. I’m grumpy all the time, too, and I can’t get anything done. I purchased a light box in hopes that it helps. Seven years of this…….sigh…….

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