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Today I received the light box I ordered. Do you have a light box? These were the rage for so-called “bipolars” a while back. I never believed I had SAD so I never got one. My mother thought I had it. But I explained to my mom that I was upset because my apartment was very drafty and the heat didn’t work very well. After I moved to a warmer apartment my mom suddenly stopped talking about SAD, interestingly. In fact, I suddenly didn’t have it anymore.

I don’t for a minute believe “lack of sunlight” is the cause of the insomnia I have. I know it is from drug damage. I am only trying this out to try to reverse the drug damage. I don’t know if there’s any real cure for this, and it is ridiculous to even think of it since I get no acknowledgement from the medical community and barely any from the survivor community. Apparently, “brain zaps” trump insomnia. I think the reason is that the withdrawal people use brain zaps to uphold their scare tactics. Insomnia comes from drug usage, whether you withdraw or not doesn’t matter, you get insomnia anyway. So it’s less of a marketing ploy for them. (Some folks are making good money off of scaring people and then making them dependent all over again, I notice.)

The bright light is a little bit annoying but actually DOES feel good. For whatever reason, I keep wanting to turn it on. You can use it as a reading lamp. It actually works well that way. It gives off very little heat, and I don’t think it uses too much power, as I have turned off other lights because this one is so bright.  They say not to look straight into it and frankly I would NOT want to.

You can probably make your own with an energy-efficient bulb that gives off tons of light. It would have to be a super high replacement one, over 23 watts, preferably 26 or more. You want very very bright, and you’ll need a diffuser which you could get in a photography shop or maybe on ebay for cheap. A desk lamp might work, just put the diffuser lens on the front of the lamp and substitute an obnoxiously bright bulb.

The instructions say to use it whenever you feel like you are run down or lacking energy. It doesn’t make sense to me to use it at nighttime. My friend used to use it first thing every morning and he said it helped him.

If it’s summer, don’t bother with all this, just go outside! But if it’s winter and yucky this might be a good substitute if you are like me and can’t stand the cold.

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  1. I bought a SAD suffering friend of mine 2 – 23 watt LED super daylight bulbs for $50 dollars total, and she installed them in her regular torchiere lamps. Since then she simply uses them in the morning and evening and on any gray day and feels tons better. This as you suggested is a lot cheaper than SAD lights and just as effective. Also it doubles as usuable household lifghting for pennies. I myself use the very same set up daily and have for many months. I have never felt better. Not sure what all the hoopla is about blue light and it being bad for us, but these day ligth spectrum bulbs are at least for me the best thing since and before sliced bread!

    1. I did try a blue light filter, installed right into the computer that changed the entire screen color according to time of day, but now actually I use color reversal meaning most of the screen is black anyway. The idea is not to look at blue light at nighttime as it might fool you into thinking it is daytime. I don’t even stay up very late these days. I notice I have to get up to pee like six times each night, and I’m looking into ways to reduce that. I think there are herbs to suppress it at night.

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