Hilarious scam call

Today I got a call from the IRS! Little ole me! They’re suing me! Gee, I didn’t know I was that important. I didn’t know I had that much money, either. Better go check my account…I might be rich after all. They didn’t say how much they’re “suing” me for, only to call a certain number (and give them all your personal info…). Shall I? The number is in Albany and I bet it’s a Skype number but I am not sure as I didn’t try to track this one down.

Don’t fall for that. If you’re being sued you’ll hear about it via the mail. And that SHOULD be certified I think, somehow handed straight to you, not sure what it is called….handed straight into your hand by the postman. If it isn’t, you’re off the hook. Did you know that? It’s called “due process.” If you aren’t given due process you can claim that.  So if it’s sent regular first class or sent to someplace you don’t live, that’s not due process. You can actually nitpick over that. A lot of collection agencies screw up that way and people get out of court cases because the collection attorneys were too lazy to mail the court notices properly.

4 thoughts on “Hilarious scam call”

  1. You know, Julie, it would be neat to do a survey to see if psychiatric survivors were less gullible overall than the mainstream population. But the folks who do surveys would love to pretend we don’t exist. (Except for lone gunmen of course!)

    1. My guess would be that we are more skeptical, that when presented with a question tend to look for all the arguments rather than just falling for the popular one. I’ve always thought I do that because I am a writer but maybe not.

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