All health problems I have are the result of irresponsible medical care

Every single health challenge I have is a consequence of trusting my former doctors and following their instructions. I have compromised health due to having been a good patient. My kidneys are compromised and my life expectancy is shortened because I took lithium AS PRESCRIBED for 12 years. I gained 110 pounds because I took Seroquel AS PRESCRIBED for many years. I had osteoporosis from Risperdal which I dutifully took for over a decade. I reported side effects just like I was supposed to, which they ignored. I have permanent organ damage leading to relentless insomnia due to irresponsible drugging which has been acknowledged by my naturopath but most doctors claim isn’t possible. Inability to sleep worsens kidney disease. I have trauma from abuse done by hospital personnel. Not one of these problems was caused by bad lifestyle nor by smoking. All caused by bad medical care. I think they owe me an apology at least. Or, after I die they owe it to my family.

If anyone blames me for being angry, for feeling resentful, or for holding a grudge, or for refusing to go to doctors anymore, please go screw.

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