Newsweek hate speech about so-called Mentally Ill and Violence

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I question the following: Why no mention of the known link between just about every psych drug and violence? There are black box warnings issued by the FDA on all these drugs indicating that they can cause suicide and other unpredictable behavior. Note that in the Newsweek article there’s no mention of the fact that the Texas shooter, Devin Kelley, was drugged as a child, while he was still growing, while his body and mind were still not yet in adult form. There’s no mention of the fact that what defines “mentally ill” is ever-widening. More and more are falling under the umbrella of abnormality. More and more are being sent to the shrink, and told they are sick, wrong, and deranged.

3 thoughts on “Newsweek hate speech about so-called Mentally Ill and Violence”

  1. I mentioned the link between psych drugs and random attacks of gun violence to my parents. Dad said, “Kirsty Alley said that and she’s a Scientologist!”

    That’s a faulty form of argument. Either ad hominem or personal attack. Not sure which.

    Even Dad was disgusted and shocked when he heard a man started mowing people down in an airport less than 24 hours after being released from a psych ward.

    1. Incarceration in psych ward increases chances of suicide 100 fold even for the entire next year following release. That’s from a JAMA study, they were embarrassed and disturbed over it.

      1. They should be! I want to prevent suicide, so having a discouraged friend put away in a psych ward is the last thing I’ll try now. If necessary I’ll do a “suicide watch” of my own with a couple others like they did for Abe Lincoln. Hope and unconditional love make great suicide preventatives.

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