Do Antipsych presentations “offend” users of psychiatry, and why should they?

Thursday night I gave a speech that included antipsych material. Afterward, someone suggested I “tone down” the antipsych because “some who find the drugs useful might be offended.” I wonder why users of these drugs would be offended by information that is easily obtained through drug company information, the known Black Box Warnings! How does pointing out these known effects “offend” users of psychiatry? They should know about the black box warnings, shouldn’t they? Were they not told? If not, isn’t this more fuel for the fire?

I got into a discussion with this same person later on. Interestingly he told me he would rather lose 25 years of his life than get off the drugs. Okay…..I have heard such illogical statements before and I don’t know how to react.

I would have said the same thing some 20 years ago. I would have stated the drugs were “lifesaving.” I would have sworn by them, stated how badly I needed them, sworn up and down I couldn’t live without them. and couldn’t live without their “therapy.”

But here I am. And as it turns out, not bipolar at all, nor any of the other things they called me. I am very sorry I took the drugs for as long as I did. I am suffering organ damage and facing shorter life expectancy.

Yet I can tell people this over and over till I sound like a broken record and they aren’t fazed. What’s gonna happen when I croak? Will that change anything, or will it all get twisted around somehow and turned into victim-blaming?

The evidence is clear in our elders, people who have been on the drugs for decades. These folks suffer chronic pain and early dementia. The findings were presented by Grace Jackson, MD, who works with elders and studies the long-term effects of these drugs. Her presentation focused on the long-term effects of SSRI drugs.

It  is not pretty. The drugs effect nerve endings inside and possibly outside the brain. The damage is permanent. Jackson cited brain deterioration resulting from the nerve damage that was visible on tests, leading to dementia and other related problems.

Staying on antipsychotic drugs leads to heart damage, including irregular heartbeat and sometimes fatal conditions. Staying on lithium leads to kidney failure. The “newer” antipsychotics cause weight gain and diabetes.

It’s almost as insidious as climate change denial, or Nazi Holocaust denial.  As for flat earthers I can’t comment but I don’t think they’re harming themselves or anyone else by holding onto this belief, or none that I have heard of. Yet those that deny the known harms of the drugs, or disregard them, isn’t it like a psychosis or mass delusion? And since when am I harming anyone by pointing out the truth? What I pointed out was written right on the label of these drugs, and verified by the FDA and drug companies themselves, never mind multiple lawsuits. Can cause violence and suicide. Black Box Warning. How can pointing out the truth be wrong, or even offensive?

Still, I didn’t say much, just told myself there are always going to be people making these claims, stating, with a clearly blackened eye and hacking cough, they would rather fight than switch.

3 thoughts on “Do Antipsych presentations “offend” users of psychiatry, and why should they?”

  1. Julie, people who tell you things like that are victims- of psychiatry, of a f*cked-up society that’s in denial of psychiatry’s crimes and saturated to the gills with drugs, and (in many but certainly not all cases) victims of their own stupid decisions. They should be treated with compassion, but they shouldn’t be allowed to shut you up.

    1. Don’t worry I don’t think I’ll tone down the antipsych anytime soon! I am thankful for the dose of it I got when I got it, so….

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