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One problem, says Chris Richards, a beef cattle specialist with Oklahoma State University, is that modern cows have inherited a certain stoic disposition from their ancestors.

“In nature, they’re a prey animal,” Richards said. “They have developed to not show signs of illness because that increases your detection and chance of being preyed upon. When they feel danger or stress they tend to hide those symptoms.”

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Yeah, I know, cows aren’t people. You can’t really make any fair comparison. Still, don’t you love the metaphor?

Since earliest times, animal stories have been used as metaphor, in children’s books, Bible stories, and fables. Though the idea of “talking animals” is shunned by modern-day writers, for centuries they were used as teaching tools.

Metaphor can really be far, far out there, and still shine true.

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      1. I was always mocked and ridiculed for openly showing negative emotions. I actually was glad when my “cocktail” too away my ability to cry. Now I find myself crying over silly stuff–someone dying in a book–and feel frightened. I shut myself up when I can’t hide my pain because our culture hates the vulnerable.

        1. I, too, went though that “phase” while leaving the system. I don’t know if this is any consolation but for me, the tearfulness passed. Let the tears come when no one’s around. If your experience is anything like mine and that of others I know, you won’t be dealing with it too long.

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