My reaction to “Fattitude” trailer

When I was a child I was teased because I was short and because I wore glasses. We didn’t talk much about fat and thin back then and I didn’t know anything about dieting, nor did I care.

I was never teased over my weight but I recall when my weight doubled, in 2005, I was treated terribly by many people around me. I recall specific incidents of discrimination. I recall health care professionals making snide comments.

After I got off Seroquel I lost all that weight. I was treated terribly because I was thin, mostly by angry women who envied me. I was even scapegoated by overweight men. I had no friends for a while.

During the summer of 2013 I recall a lady at church said she didn’t know what to do with “unstructured time.” I approached her and said, “We have some things in common. Why don’t we go out for coffee someday?”

I wish I had not asked. She backed away, horrified. “Me? Go out with you?” Translation: “I wouldn’t be caught dead with the likes of you.” I was so hurt and insulted, I went home and cried.

Nothing in  Fattitude trailer mentions that loneliness, that isolation, that I recall I went though in 2012 and 2013. Nowhere is mentioned the outright hatred toward thin women, and the eugenics to kill all the skinnies by assuming ALL of us have ED. Even if some do, what justifies imprisoning us if we are suffering, and then raping us with tubes? To save some, ruining the lives of others, what a price to pay!

Why assume all fat people are happy and well-adjusted when many are truly suffering? Why demand, “Accept your body…” as a way of glossing over a heavy person’s suffering, or ignoring their cries, “Hey, get me off these pills!” or, “I just can’t stop.” Or demeaning them further for being unhappy? Is the movie Fatittude phama-sponsored?

I hated the trailer and would probably seriously hate the movie. No, I’m not pro-ana, no worries there, and I’m completely over my ED, I just don’t think the movie trailer does the trick for me.


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