More on Tim Murphy’s DISHONESTY

Okay, I have two newspaper articles here. One you can’t see, the Post-Gazette (you have to subscribe). The other was the Patch article posted the other day which isn’t in front of me but I have it in my memory. Remember I posted on that one the other day? In the Patch, I recall very clearly Murphy was quoted as saying he didn’t control what his campaign people put up, so (chuckle chuckle) he CLAIMED he didn’t really support anti-abortion. He CLAIMED he didn’t even know his anti-abortion stance was posted. He claimed, in the Patch article, that his “office” had done all that. Nope. According to the Post-Gazette, that statement was total baloney. The PG states he actively campaigned anti-abortion. This is supported by an article profiling him October 3rd in the Post Gazette (which again you can’t see if you don’t subscribe). All this is likely to come out in more detail in the Washington Post if you get that paper. I do like the Post as they catch the dirty lies these scumbags tell. It’s clear, from the nice little “profile” the PG did, that Murphy ran unapposed in his little Upper St Clair upper upper land (it really IS conservative there, as I tried to get a place in that area several times and it’s Trump-land through and through, never mind conservative…ah, these aren’t necessarily the same thing, are they?…) Anyway, if you don’t agree with the Upper Uppers they don’t want you. I’m glad I ended up where I am. Which is elsewhere.)

Meanwhile, in Washington, they aren’t so pleased with Mr. Murphy, and haven’t been for a while. Seems his little inconsistencies are more glaring at the Capitol. Is it easier to lie in Washington County than it is to lie in Washington DC? If all of life is a stage, maybe the stage in Upper St Clair wasn’t big enough for Mr. Murphy so he staged the affair with Ms. Edwards. Looks like she was DISGUSTED with him and said so. The PG said that Murphy’s church is going to have some reckoning to do, or, maybe, fudging.

Murphy has decided to get out of politics but unfortunately wants to stay a shrink. Hmm… “Doctor,” eh?

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  1. Anyone who says he’s pro-life and wants to save babies, then schemes to drug newborns for Big Pharma contributions is a hypocritical SOB! Not the first time he lied. His whole speech to sell Congress on the 21st Century Cures legislation was full of lies and figures that don’t correspond with reality. (Psychosis!) He admitted it, but no one called him out on this defamatory hate speech.

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