Normal human reaction to being pinned down or chased

The two things that will bring out trauma in us are being pinned down (locked inside) or chased. The normal reaction is to flee, or to freeze. These are normal human reactions, not something “crazy.”

So when the door between train cars slammed shut onto me, I froze and screamed. Not very loud, mind you. This happened twice. I believe these trains are old and the doors are lacking sensors. They aren’t like elevator doors. If you walk through them they’ll slam shut onto you. I’m going to have to be more careful. Screaming isn’t okay. To be honest, though, someone old and frail is going to get seriously hurt by these doors. I wasn’t, of course, but maybe something should be done before tragedy strikes. Or maybe if it does they’ll blame the passenger.

I made peace with the guy who sold me coffee. I turned it into a joke and he laughed. We get along now and I no longer dread buying coffee from him. Good. I like making friends when I travel. I would wish the same blessing for anyone.

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