Make peace through understanding

Peace cannot be forced. Peace cannot be forced. Peace cannot happen behind locked doors or in a police state. Peace happens when people understand, listen, and care. Peace comes through patience, it will not be found if we rush too fast into an agreement that not everyone is happy with. Compromise is good but not if one topples or crushes the other in the process. Peace is not a cop holding a gun to you. Peace is when the cop sets aside his gun and wipes the tears from the face of a lost child, comforts him, and says, “I will help you get home, don’t worry. We’ll find your parents.” Peace is when the parents and the lost child unite and thank the policeman, then, rethink the role of cops in their community. Peace is when we all learn to love again, and our hatred slowly fades like that annoying coffee spill that was on my jeans an hour ago, and then, I forgot all about it. Peace is when we say, “I love you,” and mean it.

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