Amtrak Violation: Blasting this one loud and clear

I’m telling this story as it was told to me by a credible, first-hand source. A woman and a number of elderly had to be housed overnight due to having missed a train. Amtrak was responsible for the mishap so they said they would take care of it. There was not an exact head count of the delayed passengers but there were so many that my witness wondered why Amtrak didn’t hold the train.

However, we mused, Are Elderly even considered Human? Or, like mental cases, seen as subhuman? People who don’t have real feelings, who don’t earn a paycheck, who don’t matter anymore?

My witness said “There were about 30.” I question the number but I can only go by what she said.

She said the “accommodations” consisted of putting the passengers in a spare train car, then, LOCKING THEM IN for the night. I’m serious, that’s what they did. My witness, a non-elderly physically disabled woman, was left to help out the elderly, and god help them if any had medical emergencies. She said there were, but here, my memory fails me some as to exactly what occurred.

My witness, now friend, asked me what can be done about what was clearly a gross violation of their human rights and dignity. I gave her suggestions, telling her to be persistent and telling her what won’t work, also.

I know what she’s already heard, “That’s not possible.” Now, after I’ve seen first hand how they treat their passengers, YES, it’s possible. Yes, probable. When she complained, they GASLIGHTED her. I’m not at all surprised since I was just gaslighted trying to purchase coffee (yes, I paid). When they start to gaslight just say, “Drop the subject, please.” It might work if they aren’t dragging you off in chains.

Best of ignoring the staff on here. Commiserate with your fellow passengers, and laugh your butt off. Yes, it does suck.

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