Amtrak: One horror story after another after another

I have heard too many Amtrak horror stories at this point, and I hesitate to post this since I plan to ride the train again. The good news is that my blog isn’t likely to be connected to my person and I doubt they’ll retaliate.

I have heard the worst stories from fellow passengers. Not just rudeness, but real dark ages horror stories. Elderly passengers treated inhumanely. Disabled and elderly passengers locked in a train deliberately and kept there overnight. Passengers threatened with arrest who aren’t doing anything unlawful. Passengers gaslighted simply because they cannot find their way back to their seats in the dark. Passengers who are deaf or demented jeered at.

Get this: They push the alcohol, selling food and beverages for a high price, then, kick the drunk passengers off. They treat coach passengers horribly no matter what, the first class like royalty.

Amtrak should be ashamed of itself. There have been multiple ADA complaints. I have heard stories that I don’t think will make it to the top ten but I hope at least get somewhere. God bless the lady who advocated for the elderly passengers who were treated badly. We’re all trying to save a buck, get somewhere, enjoy some scenery, stay warm, relocate, or hit the road, and Amtrak’s abominable attitude toward those that pay for these train services is not okay.

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