The Lady Who Didn’t Say Hello

I have told this story before. The person you DONT say hello to might just have been abused in a hospital and might really be hurting very badly. You don’t know. If you don’t say hello because you are SCARED she’s dangerous, you might be wrong. If you aren’t saying hello because you’re afraid she’ll talk about uncomfortable topics, why are you so uncomfortable, anyway? It’s YOUR discomfort, asshole!

This is what happened. I was walking down the street with Puzzle and this lady (she has a dog so it wasn’t “fear of dogs”…) was walking with an umbrella. She was walking home from church. I knew her. She was kinda a friend. Well, not anymore. That day, she CROSSED THE STREET to avoid me. Not only that, she sheepishly used her umbrella to try to hide her fucking face.

This was right after I’d been abused in Mount Auburn and no one at church was speaking to me then. I was so hurt by what that person did. So unbelievably hurt.

Please don’t tell me to “grow some skin.” Saying that sounds like a therapist, and excuses her inexcusable actions.

Needless to say, the imagery is incredible, and makes a great story. Thanks, Lady, You’re in my book now. ha ha ha.

3 thoughts on “The Lady Who Didn’t Say Hello”

  1. When I was living in Boston in the late 1970’s, I was so unpopular at the A.A. meetings I was going to that when I saw someone from one of them he was so anxious to not be seen with me that he almost got hit by a car crossing the street. Screeching tires, honking horns, cursing drivers, the whole nine yards.

  2. Yes. Love those pro-psychiatry churches. So well-educated and informed. They know you can’t help it you’re hopelessly insane/dangerous and will always be a menace. Tell folks “I’m a psycho. But I can’t help it I may reenact the Shower Scene from Psycho at any time. My screwed up brain makes me do evil stuff. Hopefully these magical seizure inducing pills MAY work. Or not. I can’t help myself cause I’m an evolutionary throwback.”

    This is a powerful way to reduce stigma. Just ask any NAMI mommy!

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