Refusing Medical Care: Your Right

You have the right to say no. It is YOUR BODY. I know many people who have said no to the doctor after being fed up. Most all of them GOT BETTER. Oh, surprise surprise…..

People think that just because something is “recommended” that they are obligated. People think that just because they make an appointment, they are then FINANCIALLY obligated to stick with that doctor. YOU AREN’T. it’s a common fallacy. You are not obligated in any way. Except you have to pay that one bill for the current appointment. You aren’t obligated to go back. You aren’t married to the doctor. This isn’t a long-term contract.

If you see a doctor and he writes a script, you are not obligated to take those pills. Especially if you aren’t pleased with the cost of the prescription. You aren’t obligated to take the pills even if you do fill it. By law, you aren’t really allowed to sell the pills, nor give them to another person but you can probably toss them and not end up in prison. Unless you toss them into someone’s coffee.

If you sell your pills you could end up in a lot of serious trouble so don’t do that, although when I look back I realize I could have done so. I would have made a fortune. I was taking seven or eight “medications” at once. Geez.

If you are on a drug you are not obligated to stay on it. Anytime, you can decide you don’t want to stay on it. (I’d suggest a gradual taper, please do not go cold turkey. Doing so is like playing Russian Roulette.)

If a doctor recommends surgery you can refuse. I did! If a doctor recommends a medical device you can refuse. If a doctor recommends a procedure or test you can refuse. If a doctor recommends a flu shot you can say NO WAY. I did!

I said no to the mammogram, no to the bum scope, no to most of Western med’s wasteful procedures. Why?

Western doctors have a long history of LYING to me. When have they totally been truthful to me? The only time they really were was when I broke my leg. The doc did a good job putting it back together and admitted to me I had osteoporosis. I wish he’d also told me it was from Risperdal, but he didn’t. So he wasn’t so golden, either. Yes he knew I was on it. Just another mental patient.

When I had ringing in the ears the ear doctor was honest. He said not to do anything about it and the ear-ringing would resolve on its own. He said he didn’t know why I had ear-ringing and said it wasn’t serious. And he said it wasn’t “all in my head.” It was very loud and affected my ability to hear high pitches, at the time. I don’t have it anymore.

I have heard enough horror stories about Western Medicine to turn my stomach. You have the right to refuse. Take your body back. It is yours, not theirs. You will be healthier if you make your own responsible adult decisions and stop letting them decide for you. I don’t like making promises that might not come true, but this one PROBABLY will. Own your body.

4 thoughts on “Refusing Medical Care: Your Right”

  1. THIS is very hard to do when you have a bleeding something in your brain, they LIE to you about it, and you do not know who to trust, but you have these terrible headaches that coincide with the bleeding….WHat to do then???? OMG I have NO IDEA!!!!

    1. That is the thing, you don’t know whom to trust, and they DO lie! I hate it when they huddle like football players and they talk about you in third person like you’re a thing.

  2. Just remember, lie whenever necessary. They chose to play the game of remorseless sociopath who lies to gullible (disposable) folks to sell pills. Lie in return. It’s actually funny how easy these folks who lie continually to you will swallow the lies you tell them in return.

    Like how Colonel Klink believed everything Col. Hogan said in Hogan’s Heroes.

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