Bashing, and then, claiming “I’m only trying to help.”

I made the mistake of asking the wrong people for “advice” recently. This group contains folks I don’t know well enough to trust, apparently.

The woman who responded made grossly incorrect assumptions about me. She called me a bunch of nasty names, including “naive,” implying quite clearly that she finds me unintelligent, among other things.

This type of behavior is typical of “staff,” is it not? Teling you just how stupid you are, then, claiming, “Well, you asked for HELP and I am giving you HELP but you reject it.” This is bad bullshit.

Bashing a person isn’t help. I didn’t ask for either bashing nor help. I asked for information. I asked for suggestions, not “Help.” I didn’t ask for the person to give me handouts!!! To top it off, the person said to me, “How are you going to get to the job (bus, friend)….”

Oh, come on! Like I don’t know what a bus is? Like I’m so spoiled she thinks, I don’t take buses? Like I don’t know how? Like maybe she thinks Mommy and Daddy drive me? Oh please…….

I told her I didn’t appreciate the sarcasm.

That’s when she said, she wasn’t going to say anymore. She then RE-NAMED what she just did, “HELP.” Really?

That “bus, friend” really got to me. Yes, it’s downright sarcasm. And an insult. Does she take a bus? Is she happily car-free like I am? Has she, too, lived around the world? Does this total stranger know the person she’s talking to? Clearly not.

I deleted the conversation. I realize now how much I was in the right and such idiocy is sooooo typical.

Analysis of “failed to hire” worst discrimination comes from MENTAL HEALTH “Help” AGENCIES!!!!

I have just received a newsletter from another organization that comes out of my “failed to hire” pile. I have a huge pile of these lovely organizations. I am never honest about my past psych history with these companies UNLESS psych history is desired. With this company, they wanted psych history, so I revealed.

They discriminated based on age and because I am vision-impaired. Well, I usually reveal that because if I don’t, they often default to “So you don’t drive due to a DUI, eh?” That happens well before the required “background check” and I don’t even get my foot into the door. This is especially problematic since I am thin and have a couple of chipped front teeth. The raggedy, thin older, car-free female apparently, more often than not doubles as “alcoholic.” I’ve learned to push the “healthy” bit. If I do that, people are impressed. Then I just say, “slight vision problems.”

Recently I had an interview for something else, not a job. I interviewed first, then, filled out the application. Thankfully, I interview well. The “background check” was all formality after that. In person, I showed “responsible,” “enthusiastic,” and “reliable.” That, apparently, was exactly what they were looking for. I got picked.

However, with this discriminatory agency, which I’m not going to name, AGE was a factor. They announced that they were hiring. They got back to me. I sent them a resume. I got a call from the hiring people. We had a successful interview. I was told, “You’d be great for our company.”

Then I was told the position had “just been filled” but I was “in queue” and they’d be hiring again “if any present employees left or didn’t work out.”

My goodness, talk about putting a person in limbo. I figured about a month or two.

I waited. Yes, I did get a call in about six weeks.

This call was not from the hiring people, but from the agency director. This was a call to me in error. Oops. He had my name by mistake and thought I was a “client” calling for “help.”

So this is what he said, “What can I do for you?” I was baffled because I’d applied for a job. Not only that, but he seems to be soooo flaky that he was actually calling from his car phone with such poor reception that I couldn’t hear him (too crackly) but he said I was coming in fine. So he said, “It doesn’t matter if you cannot hear me. I can hear you fine. What can I do for you?” Huh?

I said, “Communication has to go two ways. I’d prefer if you called me back when we can communicate properly. Maybe call me back when you arrive at your destination. I’m not a client.”

He did. I explained who I was. He said he didn’t know how he got my name, and that he wasn’t the hiring person and didn’t know a thing about it.

I never heard another word.

Today I received a chatty newsletter from this agency. I see a photo of their “staff.” How lovely. I have been waiting for a photo! All employees look fresh out of college, possibly younger. Two or three female, the rest male. One older, who looks like he is the “maintenance man.” My guess is that he is older because he has worked in the HVAC or plumbing field. He is the only one with some weight on him God bless him. Well gee, they needed someone with experience, right? I say that with due sarcasm. Hiring discrimination at its pinnacle. Please tell me those kids right out of college had decades of experience in the System. Do the math. While one can argue that one was medicated in vitro…..

The worst discrimination comes from the System institutions themselves. Go to hell…Your newsletters are nothing but propaganda.

Radio Show Call-in Instructions…..

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a. Try again, or…
b. Try *1. Because some carriers are just plain weird, you know…..

This feature is a toggle, so if you press it again, you’ll be “off the host cue.” Off. On. Off. On. Got it?

Again, here’s the numero…..323-443-7210. You can call and just listen if you wish. And…..if the lines get jammed, keep trying! I hear that can happen on Blog Talk radio….


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All my shows are there!!!!!! Today’s show, Saturday, September 2nd, is at 4pm! See you all!!!

Why I haven’t had a cataract operation

There are several reasons why I have not chosen this.

#1 I need a second opinion. I believe something else is going on besides the cataracts. I also know it would be foolhardy to have an operation based on a five-minute exam, which is what I got. I was charged $900 for the five minute exam. It was really more like two minutes actually. The rest of the nine hours I spent were time they spent doing paperwork (what is your name, your age, etc), red tape (what is your insurance? and they spelled my name wrong….), my waiting in the waiting room, their fumbling around, more waiting, and a lecture from them on how stupid they think I am. I want another opinion from someone who does not have Doc #1’s records sitting in front of him. After all, if Doc #1’s records say, “Stupid woman,” what will Doc #2 say? When my vision insurance kicks in, that’s when I will go to an eye doc who has no records in front of him and get another opinion.

#2. The drops you have to use post-cataract contain steroids and other dangerous drugs. If you don’t use them, you could lose your eyesight.

#3. There is risk. If the surgery screws up, the patient is invariably blamed.

#4. I suspect if I did have it done the doctor would have to have expertise in the kidney conditions I have, or a kidney doc would need to be consulted. Especially diabetes insipidus, which is so rare most doctors know very little about it.

I don’t expect anything would go wrong. I know it is a lot of trouble and I’m wondering if it would really be worth it since almost all the doctors I encounter these days are such idiots. Unless I find one that has a decent amount of proper training in what it means to be human, and doesn’t treat me like a piece of “protocol,” I’m not doing this.

This morning, early, I was out with Puzzle and I had my brand new flashlight with new batteries. The flashlight crapped out on me very suddenly. I was left totally in the dark. A sighted lady was walking by, able-bodied as far as I could tell. I asked the lady for help. I was less than a block from home but I could have used assistance, just a cell phone flashlight to light my way, or maybe just someone there while I fumbled down my stairway.

Nope. I guess because I wear glasses she assumed I couldn’t possibly be “vision impaired.” She must have assumed I was scamming her for money. I wasn’t. She hurried off, refusing to help me. Well…I wasn’t that far from home anyway. I felt my way back. And I was fine.

I was on Facebook yesterday. I asked for “advice” on something. Huge mistake I suppose. I was insulted by one of those elitist snobs out there….

So I picked myself up and applied for a job. This time, I expect the answer will be yes. And it really has been about 25 job applications!

You can’t count on others for help. Most have no clue how to truly help another. They either insult badly, or they flat out refuse. The best thing to do is to help yourself.




Academic elitism

I can’t believe the caliber of students currently enrolled in the colleges, particularly four-year colleges and graduate schools. These students are the pinnacle of elite snobs. I ask why these colleges do not screen students for cultural sensitivity, and this includes that ugly word classism. Why do they not screen for racism, above all, and value of human rights for all, as these are values upon which our country was founded? Are not all men/women created equal? Equal means all are of value. And yet we have these college students who have these ideas of benevolence, having the nerve to “help” the “disadvantaged.” These college students who cannot seem to provide “help” without insulting those they look down on. I cannot believe these colleges that do not teach a bit of humility. Instead, the colleges further elitism, further the class division, further snobby attitudes, put these young people’s noses so impossibly high into the air, I fear they will be stuck there forever.