Vata: Creative Energy…You Too?

This describes me perfectly:

I am saddened that my ex-shrink mistook Vata for mania. I am certainly not lacking in energy. Especially when it comes to bashing psychiatry! I am not lacking for words. I won’t run out!  Don’t worry!!!

I helped my friend move, which is why I’ve been exhausted and haven’t done a broadcast. Puzzle got groomed the other day. I’m glad to get that over with.  I had a job interview and I think they’re calling me back for another (or hiring me….we’ll see tomorrow). Also, I will be kinda tied up early October but after that we’re gonna kick in a lively psych-bashing radio season.

How to fix common ailments

The best way to permanently fix common ailments is to eat better. Period. There’s no real way around this. I found that eating all organic food makes a difference. It takes about two weeks and all the sudden you notice…Hmm….I’m not___ anymore!!!

This means the following. We normally eat hormones all day long! Did you know that? This is why both men and women get “hormone trouble.” Our food is laden with them. Hormones are used to fatten up meat and god knows how they genetically botch up our plants!

Don’t eat meat that is not 100% organic. Meaning, pretty much stay away from meat unless you are very very rich and can afford to purchase snob food. If you can, then enjoy the shit that Dr. Brogan says you should eat. The rest of us should really stay away from meat which is laden with hormones. (By the way, it fattens us up, too.)

As for plants, eating all organic makes a huge difference. My naturopath says organic eggs are “safe” and in fact very good for you.

I would like to point out the difference between snob food “cage free” eggs that aren’t even organic, and “100% organic eggs.” The latter are what you should buy. “Cage free” are for snobs only who think it’s their business to criticize everyone whose income is lower than theirs for being “addicts” who are “bad pet parents.” Yes, it’s bullshit, but let them buy what they think are “humane” eggs. They’re not all organic even! God only knows what those “free range” chickens eat! Fox shit? Let those snob chickens eat cake……Please buy organic eggs. Your body will thank you.

Shop wisely. Buy on sale and in season and don’t buy overpriced overly expensive trendy “health food.” Your body will dislike it. Plain food is cheaper and healthier. Learn to cook!!!! If you can’t cook it, fake it that you can, and you will learn. Your body will be happier and happier.

Yes, it’s okay to “cheat.” Why? If you’re on a budget you have to. Don’t hugely cheat, though. Do your best to do well by your body and your body will feel better and better!

Shower a lot. Please please shower daily. Mental patients seem to not shower. There’s no excuse you guys. DAILY. I don’t want to hear “three times a week.” Daily. Yes, a bath is fine. Daily. In hot weather, as many times as necessary. If your water is shut off, go sneak somewhere and sponge down. Try a gas station….

Two weeks treating your body well and maybe your health problems will just plain disappear.

As for me….No hot flashes. No itchy skin (from kidney disease). No swelling. No pain EVER. No digestive trouble. No stomach pain. No depression. No fatigue. No jitters. No overeating. I’m not fat. No heart trouble and I never get a cold.

Hmmm…Not bad for 59.

Let me know.




Here are various cures for what ails you…

Instead of going to Western Medicine for Montezuma’s revenge, I would suggest drinking orange juice with spirulina in it. This costs next to nothing. The OJ replenishes necessary potassium and spirulina is not costly if you purchase PLAIN spirulina, not “spirulina drink.” Just plain in bulk. A spoonful costs pennies. Add it to OJ and drink it. Drink much water and spoil your dog extra, too. This is far less costly than seeing a Western Medicine doctor, who will prescribe harmful pills and invasive tests. Montezuma’s Revenge normally runs its course and is rarely the End of the World. As I see it, the world did not end, so…….

Second problem…Porch Thief. I am considering getting a bell. A manual bell that my mail dude can ring. Small enough to put into my mailbox, that he can take out and ring to alert Puzzle. But…wouldn’t that alert the thief, too?  I could have packages “held” on days I am not home. This thief has stolen over $50 worth of stuff off my porch! And….maybe also redirect any important mail to my post office box. Or even have it “held.” This thief is rather stubborn, and as far as I can tell, hard up for dough. Why don’t I just leave out a basket of eggs for him/her, or, perhaps, pennies?

“Dear thief, if you are that desperate, here’s a loaf of bread and some milk for  your family.” Why not?

Just posted at MIA

If “mental health,” if there even is such a thing, is actually all about human rights first and foremost…

AND, the experts on the MH experience are first and foremost those with LIVED EXPERIENCE, much as Nazi Holocaust survivors would be considered experts on the Nazi Holocaust. For sure, it would be disrespectful to deny their expertise or to post articles by “other” experts who only had book learning, right?

I have done my best to tally up and categorize the listed bloggers here on MIA. I only did those from USA and Canada since I am losing my vision and it’s hard to see the screen. Plus across the cultures I may misinterpret someone’s degree or experience.

I have done a pen and paper tally. I made one mark for each listed blogger. Official bloggers can write pretty much as many articles as they want….While “personal stories” (stories from surivivors, mind you) are limited to four.

I tallied as follows. For every person who had worked as a clinician in the field, that is, a social worker, psychologist, MD of any sort, or “counselor,” I put a mark in the PROFESSIONAL column. Some had lived experience, but the degree and fact that they had practiced in the field was the reason for putting in this column.

There’s a second column. That’s an ‘Other” column, for professionals who aren’t mental health professionals. This would include lawyers, journalists, pharmacists, college professors, publishers, and the like. Some had lived experience or kids in the system.

The third column where I put people who are identified as “peers” or people with lived experience. “Peers’ are typically low-paid. I did note initials, but still, the pay is low so I did not count these as mental health professionals such as MD. Plus, “peers” typically draw knowledge from lived experience.

The total is as follows:

52 mental health professionals are bloggers at MIA
17 other types of professionals blog at MIA
16 “Peers” or other lived experience blog at MIA
Total: 85 from USA and Canada

Percentages: 61 percent are mental health professionals or MD’s
20 percent are professionals of other types
19 percent are “peers”/other lived experience

There are a total of three lawyers! Say what????! What about human rights since that’s where it’s at?? I think we need many many more lawyers. We have one paralegal. We need 60% lawyers and paralegals blogging, not 60% shrinks!!! more pharmacists, more people like Gwen Olsen…. Feminists, too….

And above all, except for Breggin, LET”S GET THE SHRINKS OUTA HERE, please!!!! They had their heyday with us in lockup. Most of them didn’t even see prison time. I say..NO MORE.


Some brain damage only shows up in an autopsy….

Check this out…

The same brain damage happens during ECT. Anyone who has had ECT might somehow write an advance directive regarding autopsy, but that doesn’t mean you get one. The courts decide, I hear. Obviously, someone has interest in your not getting one……

Bill Cosby: So you’re wondering what my opinion is?

Here is my opinion on Bill Cosby….Boy I’ll bet you are wondering what I am thinking……….Please do not say, “But Julie, you’re not a doctor, so you’re not an expert!”

I don’t know Bill Cosby, never met him SO I’m not an expert. However, here’s my opinion.

Over 40 women now claim he sexually assaulted them (of one sort or another).

a) If the allegations are true, it’s disgusting.

b) If the allegations are false, it’s even more disgusting. It would amount to a witch-hunt.

I am not one to say whether they are true or false. I personally would not go to authorities, certainly not humiliate myself unless something had really occurred. But…we humans are not all alike.

Apparently, with the Sandusky affair, it was a).

So tell me, when are they going to prosecute mass-abusers such as psychiatrists? What about the psych who abused me at Mount Auburn, Dr. Patrick Aquino, who now works at Lahey Clinic, racking in the dough? I wrote a scathing review of him, I think on Healthgrades. What about shock docs? If they are prosecuting priests who ruined people’s lives, why not shrinks? This isn’t a yes or no, these shrinks definitely did it. Look at the shrink who ruined Adam Lanza’s life and look at what resulted. Adam became the Newtown, Ct school shooter. He’s dead and so are a lot of other people. I’m not sure the shrink ever saw a courtroom trial.

Would I go through all this trouble, years and years of crying “ABUSE” if it had not happened? C’mon………

Regarding musical ability and ECT (some thoughts)

For a while I wondered if ECT harmed my musical ability. However, I believe my musical ear and everything I had before is still intact. I was never sure before, but now, I am.

This is how I figured it out. I was lying in bed, rather tired, snuggling with Puzzle. I started thinking about musical intervals, the fact that I can indeed hear them. I started imagining various intervals, hearing them in my mind. I remembered the various “tests” I had to go through. I remembered the “test” I went through to “test out” of ear training in college.

I was with Dr. Boyer, I recall. He had me take the regular final exam for ear training for freshmen, which I passed with flying colors. I ended up taking only one semester of ear training altogether. Some of the sophomore class, in which I had been placed, got transferred to junior class. So there I was, a freshman among the juniors. I finished all that and then I was done. I remember Boyer taking me aside. He played various intervals for me, and chords and combinations. I identified all of them.

Lying there with Puzzle just now I recalled many intervals. I can hear intervals in my head. If you played a tritone for right now, which is the same as a diminished fifth, or augmented fourth, how long would it take for me to recognize it? I would not even have to think about it. I would tell you right away. I remember which intervals are inverted from which, and which ones are consonant, and which ones considered dissonant.I know what the tempered scale is, and why it frustrates the heck out of many of us.

Can my small hands reach an octave on the piano? Sorta. It’s a stretch. However, if you dare give me Lamictal again, I’ll have double vision, and if that happens, I’ll be able to play Piano Four Hands AT LAST!!!!

Possibly hospital abuse……

When they say “cause of death not suspicious” I figure psych abuse…check it out.

So she “disappeared” RIGHT AFTER BEING RELEASED FROM PRISON/”rehab”? oh please!!!!

Lockup and psych labeling is not the answer.

Pressure from Landlord causes stress to tenant, harms tenant’s professional life

Hi everyone….

This blog is publishing via email to subscribers but NOT publishing on the web. The reason is imminent employment. I don’t want my future employer to find me here, or anywhere on the web. Facebook is deactivated.  I did both of these with no warning as the employment came up suddenly. For the first time, I am sure this is not a “fake job,” that is, they’re not just telling me I have a job, and then, no job. It’s real, and it’s UNION.

So here’s the scoop. I’m dealing with landlord pressure. Bad. I’m also dealing with rats here. Two nights ago the rats were right here in my bedroom chomping away, most likely chewing in the walls, but I’m not sure. Puzzle is sometimes oblivious to them, sometimes she chases them, but they are likewise oblivious to her. When I had a pet rat, my dog Tiger got along with Inuvik very well and Inuvik even “hitched a ride” on Tiger. They kinda hugged each other. Inuvik was very loving and kind. She bit me a few times though out of fear, but please don’t believe the hype…Rats do not attack. They are meek and mostly fearful. They are nocturnal and vegetarian. They carry diseases, as do humans.

Humans, by the way, are the only species that go to war. This was the topic of last night’s broadcast with Paula Joan Caplan. I must say it went off very well. Here’s the URL….

The show is archived and you can listen on the web.

I am getting very bad landlord pressure. I’ve had to contact a lawyer, who tells me I have done everything legally. Two persons involved have not done things legally. One is another tenant who is not a leaseholder. The other is the owner. The manager needs to pur pressure on this non-leaseholding resident, in other words, squatter. I doubt the management company will get a penny from him but even worse, they can’t seem to get his physical presence out of the building. The management company should have taken him to court ages ago, or just called the sheriff.

Yes this is serious for me. I have contacted a lawyer. I have paid money, talked to exterminators, and done everything right.

I’ve been under unbelievable stress. So I took it out on Bob Whitaker. I shouldn’t have. Emmeline even wrote to me and called me “creepy.” That, of course, was uncalled for. She practically called me psychotic.

I plan to apologize. It’s the only thing I can do. I also realize this landlord situation has harmed me professionally, causing a rift between me and Bob that isn’t going to be so easy to mend. I feel very bad about it.

This is perhaps the ripple effect of irresponsible behavior on the part of a rogue tenant and irresponsible owner who obviously isn’t going to exterminate.

I believe in apology. I believe in apologizing as soon as possible. I believe in accepting apology. I wish the doctors that had harmed me had apologized. Instead, I got silence and called psychotic.

I am debating how to handle it. Suggestions? How should I apologize to Bob? Most of us have fucked up now and then, no? We aren’t perfect. Show me a perfect person and I’ll shoot a camel through a needle. I doubt I’ll find a camel ’round here, either.