On the bus

How many blog entries have I titled On the Bus over the years? What does this say to readers? I don’t take the paratransit, don’t need it, wouldn’t dream of stealing service from those that truly need it. I am on the bus almost daily. I’m not lying in bed feeling sorry for myself, nor plopped in front of the tube. I have relocated to new communities and learned the new bus system, each time I moved.

I don’t but rides from people, not from neighbors nor friends. That’s not a good way to be a friend. They’ll drive you once or twice but won’t be your taxi. Having been on the “taxi” end, I can say being “taxi” gets old very fast.

The bus is populated with many people on their way to work. Contrary to stereotype, buses are for working people. In any town or city, mostly the buses are full of commuters.

I spoke with the guy next to me and while ago. Was he a criminal, a bum, a drunk? No, he was on his way to class at the community college. He was carrying his textbooks. What’s this with people’s claims that “the bus system is rough”? Say what? You’re not okay with wage-earners and dark-skinned people? What are these judgemental people really saying?

I love the bus. I take the time to read and write. I study, dream, brainstorm. What about you?

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