I’m inspired by bad luck…how about you?  

I am inspired by the recent downturn of events in my life. Say what? Yep,inspired.  This is because I don’t let shitty people and situations get me down anymore. I let myself feel like crap for a short while but that gets old fast. So I bounce back. I would suggest you work hard at doing the same. It’s a decent skill to have  lying around. They don’t teach it in the nuthouse. 

So I was invited to a ritzy conference,  then,  months later, uninvited.  Wow, how unprofessional of this organization.  But of course,  someone like me who ditched her diagnosis, threw therapy out the window,  and got her rights, dignity,  and freedom back is a serious threat to them since they are in the business of creating permanent patients by funneling sufferers straight to their sponsors.

Being turned down by a grocery store because I am vision impaired makes me realize I am overqualified anyway. I have new plans. 

Yesterday the yard tool that I was supposed to pick up at the store arrived at my doorstep. I cleaned up my yard and did a whole bunch of my neighbor’s , too. Does this sound like someone too depressed to get out of bed? Five bags full of yard debris.  I sure earned my shower. It felt good,  too. I wanna do it again. Just because the weather is so nice and winter is round the corner. 

I invited my friend over for Puzzle’s Birthday Party.  I think I will make stuffed peppers. Vegan for my friend. And me. I will have to figure how to make them on a grill, in a crock pot, or a rice cooker. No oven right now. Maybe steam them. I can hardly wait.  Puzzle won’t even know it’s her birthday. 

Life sure has changed since I ditched my diagnosis.  I would wish the same for anyone. 

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