Change of plans

This site is now visible on the web. I apologize to readers for my invisibility for these past couple of weeks while I waited for a decision on my application at a grocery store. I was denied because of my vision impairment. They didn’t say so, but I am pretty sure of it. I was going to apply to a rival grocery store, then I realized, why bother if they’re going to turn me down, too? I’m saddened that I cannot get hired at this simple thing. Not even an entry-level job.

However, my real talents lie elsewhere, do they not? Don’t I have a master’s degree which I earned Against Medical Advice? Didn’t I get better from a deadly eating disorder entirely on my own? Didn’t I ditch my diagnoses and live happily and freely now?

They’re SCARED to let this information out. It’s not that they think I’m scary thin. It’s that they don’t want other sufferers knowing that all you have to do is ditch therapy, get off the pills (not cold turkey), stop going to treatment, stop believing the lies they say about you, and POOF, you will gradually get better! Magic formula!

They’re not in the business of making people well. It’s not PROFITABLE. Look at who their sponsors are! The ED centers! So they’re in the business of keeping people sick and keeping you IN TREATMENT!!

That’s why they didn’t want me there. They know I’m not stick thin……C’mon…….

What if I helped others get better, too? Obviously, I have knowledge and skills to share. But how? And is there a way to make a few bucks doing it so I can get off disability?

I already have two great volunteer jobs and am working on my public speaking career in Toastmasters. Those NEDA/BEDA folks cannot sabotage the life I have made for myself, the way they sabotaged my speaking engagement in Brooklyn just the other day. They cannot call my supervisors and tell them I’m a sicko. It won’t work! I think my supervisors would laugh in their faces and…I hope…hang up on them just as MEDA folks hung up on me in 2013 when I was starving. If those NEDA/BEDA folks call my Toastmasters president and tell them I’m a sicko I bet he’d seriously doubt their sanity.

Feedback and comments welcome!