Death of Matt Stevenson, another therapy victim

What is the big deal over Matt and psych drugs? That I know of, he was in mental hospital twice. He was on psych drugs very briefly, rejected them, but stayed in therapy and worshipped the therapeutic process. Actually, it was Matt’s obnoxious worship of therapy that forced me out of ISEPP. He was antagnonistic, constantly deferring to the therapists. Like a slave to therapy. I couldn’t stand it and told him to buzz off. He saw one, paying a fortune for her. He was a victim of therapy.

Very sad. Is anyone going to think of it this way? Doubtful. Drugs drugs drugs, but….that wasn’t the story. You and I know this.  I don’t know what killed him, I have not heard. I just saw this in Monica’s blog, somehow she concludes everything is blamed on the drugs…typical…but…like most, she isn’t a subscriber here.

2 thoughts on “Death of Matt Stevenson, another therapy victim”

  1. Why are you blaming therapy? I’m not questioning you, just wanting to know – you don’t provide any details.
    I didn’t know Matt, although we had an email exchange maybe about a year ago, and he came across as an incredibly caring person, caring enough to try to help me, over the computer, and give me encouragement that I needed so much at the time. I can’t believe he’s gone.

    1. Yeah, it is kind of shocking to me, too, especially since he kept saying he was “recovered.” I do know he continued to see a therapist, and paid a lot to see her. Sounded like her price was extremely high. I questioned him on his continuing in therapy. Doesn’t therapy end? He implied this in his blog, but in practice, hadn’t ended it. I believe I still have the emails somewhere. He got very defensive about his need for her, saying he had to do some second job to pay for her, even doing some illegal stuff which he didn’t want to talk about (I didn’t press the issue). I found the second job issue just to pay a therapist rather extreme and disturbing. I asked him again, if he claimed full recovery, why see a therapist, but again, he defended over and over his “need” and dependency on her. I was very afraid for him. Later he got all insulting toward me on unrelated issues, actually very obnoxious so I didn’t want to hear from him anymore. I saw him on occasion on Mad in America but I had dropped out of the listserv where he was an active member.

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