Conflict with MIA

I continue to have conflict with MIA editors and with R Whitaker. He claims my posts about my radio station are “self-promotion.” Is MIA self-promotion for Robert Whitaker? no, certainly not. My radio station is a free service I do for others, and I must say, it’s a lot of work, a lot of hard, and very thankless work. The least they could do is not slap me in the face.

The other conflict is over an article I sent in ages ago that never got read. I sent it to Whitaker who then sent it to Emmeline. I waited and waited. I then re-sent it to Emmeliine (she said she had not received it from Bob). Then, I waited. No response.

I am accustomed to “no response” from Emmeline. This is her usual. She usually does not open anything from me.

Out of utter disgust I published the article in Medium and got much praise for it. I said nothing to MIA editors and they didn’t seem to give a hoot since they’d never read the piece. Why should they care?

Now, they’re claiming they HAD read it and rejected it. Nope. They had not. In fact, Whitaker first accepted it then, flipped it to Emmeline, who let it sit there. So? They’re shooting themselves in the foot, and I highly doubt they’d do this to a doctor.

Now they claim the article isn’t relevant to psych. I disagree. I mean, unless they think it’s only about the drugs.

Dear Mr. Whitaker, if that’s what you think the System is about, you are dead wrong. You are totally missing the boat. Drugs are only part of the picture. I’m saddened that the rest is being shoved aside by you and your “mods.”

I’ll keep going, keep doing what I am doing. Incarceration, verbal abuse, marginalization, forced unemployment, psych diagnosis, medical abuse, forced disability, restraints, seclusion, financial abuse, guardianship, isolation, witch-hunting, societal neglect.

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