Bigotry by MIA mods

Anyone who is being unjustly censored by MIA mods, or knows they are being discriminated against by the mods, write to Robert Whitaker at I doubt he even realizes they’re turning away their best, most faithful, longstanding members. Please share widely and let’s unite on this issue.

7 thoughts on “Bigotry by MIA mods”

  1. I plan on doing so. It may not help much since Whittaker has relinquished control of the site and MIA is under new management. I’m going to look into starting a forum/website run entirely by survivors or ex-consumers. Not characters like “Pat” who keep floating to the surface like cream or scum. Pat imagines he’s clever and witty under the influence of his “meds” just like the drunk no one can stand to be around. Actually a great indirect argument against psych drugs when you consider! 🙂

    How about for a title? I have announced our dissatisfaction and need for our own site on a forum thread. They don’t censure those too heavily. I also want to start a support forum for iatrogenic victims of all kinds–though the psych industry has the most casualties.

    1. New management? Explain. Surviving psych is taken. And surviving anti-depressants is pretty much drug-only focused. The very fact that you are encouraged to post a drug resume under your post disgusts me. That’s supposedly a status symbol? Fuck it.

    2. I don’t even understand why W’s name is on the site if he doesn’t run it anymore. And…I’d love to know WHO DOES? Some MD or PhD? Or social worker? He wrote back telling me the “mods” were survivors. I know that but the “mods” show favoritism, which has been the case for ages and ages.

      I know personally I have submitted to them, and repeatedly my pieces sat in the editors’ inboxes, just sat there unopened. This happened so many times I cannot count. If it was David Healy’s piece (Healy who, by the way, does not write well…) they would it sit in their inbox unopened? I doubt it. They clearly do not edit Healy’s writing, either. I gotta laugh.

    1. Yes!! We need to complain, many of us, and LOUDLY. Many need to write because whitaker claims he’s heard nothing and claims he knows nothing about the OBVIOUS bigotry. I complained years ago. No, he sees no evil, hears no evil, turns the other way….. Yet, you are 100% right. And now they’re taking down our comments more and more.

      1. The standards they use for censoring are pretty arbitrary as well. With all the suppression they’re doing now, they really need to have some guidelines posted on their site. I am not kidding either.

        Rather amusing. When I called out Emily the moderator on how they allowed some troll to announce we should all be sterilized under the name of “fairness” she wrote what I suppose was a lame excuse I haven’t read. I’m afraid the top of my head will explode from anger. I did notice shortly after my comment, she censored that pro-psych joker Pat for no apparent reason. All the regular commentors were mystified since he hadn’t said anything offensive (He is more lame than nasty. Few of us hate the poor guy.) I wonder if the mods did that as a kind of sop to appease the rest of us. And at least they haven’t removed a comment from Dr. Pillshill or Mr. BigWig the CEO of Big Pharma Inc. Someone who matters. 🙂

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