Michelle Carter Update……

Here’s the update:


What good will imprisoning her do? Both these kids had “mental health issues.” I heard she had a severe eating disorder. Given how badly kids with ED are treated, you can imagine how fucked up she is from the bad care and human rights abuses. No, this doesn’t excuse what she did. But are the abusers that abused her in ED “care” going to be imprisoned? How is prison going to heal her ED? How will prison bring back Conrad Roy? How is a kid with ED a danger to society? I doubt she’d try something like that again. She was only 17.

When I think of it, Kate, who was my narcissistic “best friend” in high school did horrible things to me, I’d say far worse than what Michelle Carter did. What happened wasn’t as serious. I’m not dead. However, what Kate did was WORSE abuse than what Carter did. Please tell me why Kate isn’t in prison. Why was SHE allowed to raise daughters? Why is she not called a danger to society?

Yes, what Carter did was “reckless.” Kids do reckless things. They also do reckless outdoor sports, drink to excess, and all kinds of things that never comes to consequences this serious. They’re made to go to war at 18. Is war nor about as reckless as anything?

Please tell me how prison for this kid will help anyone.

I just got discriminated against because I am poor

I can’t talk about it in too much detail, not yet. It’s not real serious nor will there be long-term consequences, I assume. It wasn’t a job application. I hired someone and she backed out leaving me scrambling for another person at the last minute.

When you take on a commitment, the level of responsibility varies. Did you say you’d bring the cake for the party? That’s a low-level responsibility since other people’s lives aren’t depending on that cake, and if the cake is lopsided, no one will get sick from it nor catch food poisoning.

If you tell a person you’ll give that person a ride to an appointment, and the person has to pay for missed appointments, dear god, SHOW UP. If you cancel or do not show up, realize the consequences of your irresponsible actions. Even if you are doing this as an unpaid “favor,” the person you are driving most likely did not have a backup. Don’t commit unless you are sure you can follow through! (That happened to me once. I was so lucky I weaseled out of the cancellation fee.)

Someone just canceled on me that I was going to pay. We had agreed on the payment. She was planning on it and I gave her directions. Then she canceled, last-minute. No, not because she’s sick. No, not because she has a death in the family. Because she decided she didn’t want the job.

The message she left sounded okay, semi-professional, excusable. But then when I spoke to her on the phone the things she said to me were so uncalled for I knew there was more to it than meets the eye. The vocabulary she used was so full of hate and unsubstantiated. I finally told her that since she left me in the lurch in what is now an emergency situation I really have to go make some calls, and I hung up.

Anti-incarceration Question: What about the rapists and child molesters? Don’t they deserve to be locked up?

I was presented with this question today by someone and I will answer it here.

I agree that rape and child molesting is a horrible thing, don’t you? I remember in the nuthouses and programs I was in, I would say over the three decades of all that I met maybe 200 people who had experienced childhood sexual abuse and these were my personal friends. Maybe closer to 500 when I think of it. The majority were female. I say this because the women spoke of it. Men did not, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, it’s just that the men I knew tended not to speak of it as readily.

Let’s just say of all those in the System that I knew who had experienced childhood sexual abuse, I was fairly good friends with 200 over the decades. This doesn’t mean “Facebook friends.” This means people I knew in programs and hospitals. People I spoke with at length. Others I am not counting since I didn’t know them, or knew them in passing. Or we didn’t speak of the sexual abuse enough to count.

Of those, we’d discuss these things in group sometimes. It was hard. Of those 200, the abuse was serious and for most, not an isolated incident. So it was ongoing, or repeated a number of times.

Now 200 is a lot. Of those 200, was any one of them in prison? No. Not one. A few had been separated by the courts, but even though the courts were aware of the abuse, they hadn’t imprisoned the child abusers. Even the worst of the abusers, and yes, I heard very bad stories from some people. Their abusers were not imprisoned. Many were dead or whereabouts unknown.

So you may be arguing, “Does this mean only the very worst abusers go to prison?”

The ones that get caught go to prison, and only a small percentage do. Remember, children do not report, because they are scared. I heard a statistic that sounds about right. On average, it takes a child victim 21 years to come forward. In most states, the statute of limitations has long passed! The perps locked up are the VERY FEW that got caught. What the fuck?

Of those locked up, I’d love to see a breakdown….

What percent who are on the sex offender list or locked up for such offenses are intellectually challenged (IQ under 75 or so) and what the fuck are we doing locking up anyone who lacks the intellectual capacity to understand what they’re doing? How can they when most “husbands” just don’t get it either?

Of those who report to police and are believed and taken seriously…What percent are white and affluent? What are the chances of being believed if you have an addiction history, if you are poor, if you are black, if you have a mental or criminal history, if you’re homeless, if you are autistic, if you have dementia or don’t see or hear well? Or will the cops just laugh in your face?

If you are in jail and you get raped, is anyone gonna give a fuck? Or is that a useless question to ask?

What percentage of rapists are running free, and why aren’t we doing anything? Why are we paying thousands per day to incarcerate people who committed the crime of getting caught?

What about the more upscale crimes, which aren’t as lowdown and dirty, crimes committed by doctors that they get away with by paying off judges or by leaving the country?

Since Justice isn’t doing a very good job, let’s FIRE her, eh? How do we do this? We can keep her working, but how about being more skeptical of her shoddy work, eh? So let’s ease up on those she has totally screwed.

Let’s be tolerant. That I know of, there’s no difference between a person on the inside and a person on the outside except those walls and locked doors that divide us. I can tell you that being locked up will fuck up your life even worse by this arbitrary, sloppy, and lazy entity called Justice we should at least challenge more often. I question why we continue to lock up human beings when compassion is a better idea.



Self-righteous among us….I usually say nothing these days but suppress a giggle

Check out this link:

Self-righteousness and Left-Activism

Sadly, such types are often found among the psych survivor community as well. The gurus. The self-appointed peacekeepers. The ones who claim to have a direct line to the Dalai Lama. The ones who call God all the time and have a running dialogue. The Divine Ones we’re supposed to pray to (and pay up down the line).

They are full of themselves, really. I say nothing. I’m done. Almost all of us are! Most of us know better than to sing the gurus’ praises any longer.

Oh fuck you get lost.

If you tell them this they’ll send you a reading list. Peace and love. Or they’ll tell you what a shit you are. Or that you are a criminal for sure. Bad Karma. And out of the other side of their mouths, more peace and love and how they certainly have it all together. Sure.