Two years, twenty-five job applications…..

In two years I have put in twenty-five job applications. Most have ended up with nil, no call, no interview. For one, I had a video, fake interview. One wanted a re-do, that is, said I was “hired” and wanted me for a more advanced position, then, never sent work. Another said I was “in queue” but that was total bullshit. Most simply never call. I got called right away from an obvious scam. Another recently called but only had full-time and wasn’t going to let me take time off for a speaking engagement I am already committed to. With that little flexibility, I told them “I don’t think so.” Besides, their hours are so late at night I doubt I could even catch the last bus home.

I just put in six applications. Nothing. No call. This company claims they don’t discriminate, but I think they do. They wanted “at least a high school diploma” for these jobs and I have a master’s. What gives? Age? Six applications…not one interview!

So I think the total, for the past two years, is 25. Twenty-five submitted. Not one in-person interview. Two video interviews. Other than that, nothing.

I had my hopes up a bit ago about this apprenticeship but it’s not at all what I thought it was going to be. It’s not a job. So I’m bummed. Still, it’s a strip on a uniform, but it’s not a job. Shucks.

I don’t recommend Textbroker. The pay is so stupidly low. Especially if you pay for data, since a lot of the time you have to watch youtubes. Unless you want to make two dollars an hour. It’s scammy, too. I suppose it’ll be more than that now that I have “unlimited internet.” Maybe I will go back to them. Working for them looks bad on a resume, too. But…it’s income. I tried Ebay, but I couldn’t sell a thing. Maybe I should give Textbroker a try again, now that I don’t pay an arm and a leg every time an ad comes on.

What gets to me is people who take their jobs for granted. For godsakes, don’t. We live in a world where employment is so hard to come by. I’m going back to work for Texbroker. Fuck it.

Except last time the pay was so ridiculously low, I quit. I hope this time it doesn’t happen like that again.

Wish me luck.

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