Why I enjoy ghee part 2

My friend pointed out to me that adult humans, and all adult animals don’t really need mother’s milk anymore. While he is correct about this, I use ghee regularly for the following reason….

I use ghee because it satisfies the inner child in me. Do all people have an inner child? I don’t know! We humans tend to revert to our childhood ways when we are under stress. For instance, we may forget our manners if we are pissed off. We may revert to sibling rivalry such as envy or jealousy even though we adults know better. We may revert to comparing ourselves with others even though we’ve grown past that stage.

If we are under extreme stress, such as at gunpoint, or being pinned down, we may resort to calling out to an unseen parent, or we may plead or beg. Normally, we don’t do these things as adults. We may even whine.

I eat ghee to satisfy that inner bit of myself that is still a child, that part of me that lurks around the corner. I know under stress I might resort to binge eating if I am exposed to dairy proteins. Ghee does not contain dairy protein, but amazingly, it satisfies my inner child’s need for dairy, without triggering the dairy-binge response in me.

Many people are addicted to sugar or are triggered by sugary foods. Some people might try cutting out sugar altogether, but feel deprived if they do. If this happens, try satisfying yourself with fruits that are not high on the glycemic scale.This may satisfy that inner child in you.  Or try vegetables such as bell peppers or carrots. Many find the name “baby carrots” appealing even though it’s little but an advertising gimmick. I would suggest experimenting till you find what works. Stay away from packaged foods. Don’t use artificial sweetener as this is known to cause cravings, aggression, anxiety, digestive problems, and even, in rare cases, psychosis. Some artificial sweeteners can mix badly with drugs also. (And NEVER give artificial sweetener to your pets as it is poisonous to them.)

As an aside, ghee contains Vitamin K, which is a fat-soluble vitamin.

2 thoughts on “Why I enjoy ghee part 2”

    1. Pam, CHECK THE LABEL. Some ghee contains trace amounts. Make sure it says it is 100% fat. Many people do not realize casein causes problems for them! Casein causes neuro problems, digestive similar to the “sensitivities” like gluten, all kinds of things that might be mistaken for psych disorders and get you locked up or labeled, weight gain or loss, loss of appetite and uncontrolled binge eating or overeating or sugar issues. Casein can even cause psychosis or dissociation for some people. I have seen this on forums.

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