Stop Binge Eating

I have discovered a few tips for people who suffer binge eating. I’m going to be writing a more complete list in the future…

  1. My own observation is that therapy is far less effective for this malady than therapists would like us to believe. I know in my heart that success rates are overblown.
  2. The “chemical route” is most likely far more effective than “therapy.” This should be attempted in the following order…
  3. Change your eating pattern. What you are doing now isn’t working. If you do not change what you’re doing now, you’ll continue to binge eat.
  4. Try alternative medicine, such as Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Aryurveda, massage, yoga, tapping, anything you can find that might strike your fancy.
  5. Try coffee or other stimulant. These are the cheap version of Vyvanse, wthout the overblown price. And you don’t even need a shrink for it.
  6. See? Told ya so.

And another tip….use ghee, not butter.

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