Re-recording the entire show on Brainwashing

This is exhausting work but I am progressing with it. It involves audio editing and clipping. I’ve had to re-record quite a bit when vacuum cleaner upstairs has interfered (arrghh!!!). The mic also picks up “hair-splitting.” I swear every time my braids come near the mic it sounds like a clap of thunder…..

I now have to splice together several segments.

Meanwhile, I got a major Toastmasters event to prepare for. I had to set up a new printer, too. And I got RATS in my house.

Did they teach us how to deal with this in the nuthouse? Did the “coping skills toolbox” tell us how to deal with this?

Aw, c’mon. If this was “back then,” you know what? I guarantee I’d be right in the loony bin. “Waaaah! Help me!” That’s right. My life circumstances are far more pressured now than before, but I’m LOVING MY LIFE 100 times more than before.

Ditch the diagnosis. Get away from the doctors, who only keep you sick and disabled. Stop believing the lies. You do not have a permanent “mental illness” such as “bipolar” etc many of which are pharma inventions, not medical diseases, not infections, not lesions of the brain. Get off of your delusions about mental illness and LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Note I said “Many of which.” Some are. For instance, you can be damaged if you go to a doctor and get shock treatments. Those cause traumatic brain injury which you may or may not recover from. If you do get better, recovery takes a long time, far longer than stated in that video they showed us that was a pack of lies, right? Bunch of propaganda if you ask me. Most people do see improvement…but most do not recover completely. That is a damn good reason to stay away from certain doctors, no?

Meanwhile, I got a rat infestation to think about. A nuisance.I can think of far worse shit to hit the fan.

Back to enjoying my life.

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