Huge assumption on the part of Marc and Angel….AGAIN

I didn’t want to read their crap but since I enlarge the text, I didn’t see the full headline. So I had to click on the darned thing.

“One Reason Your Life Is Way Harder Than It Has To Be”

Really? That’s a huge assumption! My life got a lot easier, and gets easier all the time because I got imposed SUPERVISION out of my life. I didn’t need to be treated like kindergarten. I didn’t need to “consult.” I didn’t need to see someone in an office regularly. I didn’t need the “help” of a paid “professional.’ This is what it means to be an ADULT.

Yes, a human adult who thinks for herself. I ditched the supervision I never needed and am better off now, much happier, much healthier, and would recommend this for anyone.

By the way, this means YOU DO YOUR LAUNDRY.

Now, Marc and Angel claim “busyness” is what makes life soooo hard. Really? Boy what an assumption. I love being “busy.” I love having a full schedule. I love it when the phone rings because it means I’m loved. I love it when I have a radio show coming up. I love it when I have a leadership role at my Toastmasters club to fill. Next week I’m going to chair a contest, and also I am competing in another contest. The contest I am chairing is called Table Topics. The contest I am competing in is the Humorous Speech Contest. If I win, I will go on to compete at a higher level.

Am I plagued with being too busy? No, I love my life now because other people value me for my skills and talents. I love being in demand. Five years ago, NO ONE did. I wasn’t wanted anywhere. I was told NOT TO COME even if I offered. Even if I begged to be included. That was HORRIBLE, the worst thing ever. I would not wish what I went though on anyone. I literally got uninvited to events. Don’t let yourself get into that position.

For me, life is only getting better. Please do not give up uope. If I could, I would hand what I have found to all of you.

Mostly the problem was social. And being able to find friends who were affirmative, friends who didn’t push me away, friends who were not afraid of me, friends who didn’t see anger as a disease, friends who had been through the same things I had. Friends who said those three precious words, “I believe you.” And from there, wonderful things can happen.

Find the others. Find those that believe you, and believe in you.

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