Note about web access to Blog Talk Radio

You can access Blog Talk Radio via the web but accessing it that way you cannot participate in the show. It is listen-only that way. If you wish to speak to the host, CALL IN using a phone. That I know of you can even use a Magic Jack or Google Voice to call in and you will not be charged. Most cellular carriers will also connect, and international callers will pay whatever you usual rate is. I do not have an 800 toll-free number. My number is permanent, 323-443-7210. However, you have to press 1 (0r *1 on some phones) which is a toggle to unmute or mute your mic onto the show. Please keep your microphone muted via your device’s mute functionunless  you’re speaking (or I will mute you if I hear stuff like dogs barking, feedback, etc).

The shows vary in length, time of day, and I’m trying to get them on as often as possible and also am trying to schedule them in advance and let you know as soon as I think them up!

Feedback and comments welcome!