I am on Twitter

Good morning, everyone! I’m on twitter because I need to get more radio station listeners. I figure twitter is a very good way to publicize. I don’t think Facebook works very well. Twitter seems to get the attention of many people very quickly, probably people who think similarly. It’s also a good way to find people I don’t know who don’t know my contacts.

When I first got on twitter it was 2013. I did it on a whim. I didn’t realize that it would do really great things. For the most part, it didn’t. However, one incredible thing happened. I found Mad in America. I had never known about this website. I had never known about this community. Most important, I had never known anyone else had been abused in a hospital.

Besides MIA, I didnt have much use for twitter. Eventually I got off because I was bullied on there. in private messages mostly.

I am now back on twitter to publicize the radio station. I am disgusted that there have been so few listens. When it comes to art, those of you who are my friends actually care about that my creations. Those of you that don’t care, I as far as I am concerned, aren’t my friends.

Some people I have repeatedly sent links to and they don’t even bother. I put a lot of effort into my art and I wonder why people don’t even care. I figure I better trim down my friends list because I don’t want friends that don’t care. Even when I was starving to death, I cared about my friends’ art. I let them know I cared. I read their books, I bought their books. I went to art shows, I supported them in many ways. It’s too bad they didn’t appreciate it, nor reciprocate. That’s why I got new friends!

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