Today, I’m laughing over the things my ex-friends said about me….

They claimed I was “dangerous.”

Today I love my life and I’m all better…and they’re miserable, in pain, depressed, and complaining about it all the time.

They claimed I was “paranoid” because I started talking about human rights. They denied that human rights was relevant and turned their backs. Now, I’m all better. They’re wallowing in their pills and suffering, wondering why they’re still sick.

What can I do when they ask for help, even ask me for help? Usually if I ever dare suggest that they choose to make their own decisions, and stop deferring to doctors, they balk at this, yammering in my face,

“But you’re not a doctor.”

Well? Go wallow in your so-called mental illnesses and suffer some more, then.

1 thought on “Today, I’m laughing over the things my ex-friends said about me….”

  1. In the past, doctors bled people till they died and delivered babies after cutting up corpses. Refusing to wash their hands in between! And these were ALL certified doctors too.

    News flash! You can be a doctor and a selfish idiot too.

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