Why I KNOW that sleep apnea is overdiagnosed….

You do not have to have an MD to know this. It’s obvious. Why? Use your sense of logic here!

First of all, use the word “sleep” in your emails and Facebook posts. Do this about a dozen times. Try this: “I can’t sleep.” Or, use the names of Z drugs a few times. Write, “I got a prescription for X Z drug.” Actually I have forgotten the names of those drugs….But try that. Use Gmail or some other snoop mail. And post that to Facebook. Tell friends that don’t matter. Not your boss. Don’t be stupid.

Now, just wait about 15 seconds. What happens. Slick ads for sleep clinics pop up all over Facebook. They’ll pop up so fast, you wonder what happened! Didn’t you install Ad Blocker just yesterday? Why didn’t it stop those ads? Look at that pretty nurse! She looks so CARING!!!!

Yep, she’ll pop up and put you at ease. She will solve all your problems. Right there you see that wonderful 800 number. Call NOW!!!!

How many medical device companies want to lure you in? Did you know that the medical device business is BOOMING and trying to vy for your hard-earned money? Did you know that the medical device business is as shady as the drug business and they lobby as heavily in Washington, too!!! Your insurance will pay. As will your TAXES!!! Down the drain.

Your local sleep clinic wins. The useless and dangerous medical device will likely shorten your life, and the medical device company will get away with it. They’ll merge with another company. You’ll be dead and they’re out of the country anyway. Or folded and bought out, partnered with a pharma company. Who collects the money? Certainly not us.

Yes it is a scam. Real sleep apnea does exist. It is a rare disease, far less common than we are led to believe by these scam sleep clinics who are hand in hand with the crooked medical device companies. Oh they will assure you they’d NEVER misdiagnose but look at the money behind it all! Don’t believe it!

Drug damage is on the rise and these sleep clinics DO NOT WANT CONSUMERS TO FIND OUT ABOUT IT! However, the information is available in the literature.

How do we find out about drug damage? You need to do a search for EPIGENETICS. Search for methyalation of genes. This is genetic alteration that happens from the drugs if given long-term. That I know of, many of us cannot sleep because of this damage. This methyalation is similar to what causes opiate addiction, addiction to cigarettes, and possibly also is related to some eating disorders. Methyalation is bodily need, it is far beyond just a “habit.” This is why all these are so hard to break.

Ask any sleep clinic about drug damage and you’ll get an evasive answer. I’ve tried calling them. Yep, they are avoidant and insist anyone who comes into their doors get evaluated by a lung doc. Try it. I want to know how much these pulmonary docs are pocketing EACH TIME THEY REFER A SUCKER Customer TO A MACHINE………

I didn’t get paid to write this. Don’t be fooled.

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