Why do people who answer on “Amazon Answers” fail to answer anything?

“Thank you. Very good.” Isn’t an answer. Geez. Or, “I just bought this and I haven’t tried it out yet” isn’t helpful. Why do they bother answering? Or, “It never arrived so I don’t know.”

I should write to Amazon and tell them to FILTER OUT these very unhelpful responses. What’s worse, once you get three such ridiculously unhelpful answers, they close off your question. Or…maybe just don’t even ask. Give up on Amazon Answers.

Maybe these folks are just trolls. Maybe they do it deliberately to drive the rest of us up a tree. I hadn’t thought of this, but maybe…..

Such as, “Can someone please tell me the height of this product?” and the response is, “Very good.” ….Don’t you just want to wring their little necks? Or kick them off Amazon?

Or if the response is “It was adequate for my needs.” Or, “You should buy it, it’s great.”

But what was the height?

Are we all better off going to that dreaded Walmart in the sky? Or should I not mention the place?

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