Radio Show Monday at 3pm…And here’s a bedtime story for y’alls……

Don’t forget the radio show, 3pm Monday, with your host, me.

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Here’s your Bedtime Story, Kiddies…

I went to see the eye doctor. He told me, “This is why you can’t see. You can’t see because you’re trying to see through those thick lenses. Those glasses are like Coke bottle bottoms! Of course, Ms. Greene, you have heard this before, have you not? I’ll bet you were teased about this when you were a kid!”

“I admit, I was called,’Coke bottle bottoms’ many times, Doc.”

“Ms. Greene, I have the cure. You can’t see because you are trying to see through those thick Coke bottle bottoms! No wonder!”

Then, the Good doctor, wise as he was, handed me shiny new glasses…

made of Pepsi bottle bottoms.

Good night!


1 thought on “Radio Show Monday at 3pm…And here’s a bedtime story for y’alls……”

  1. Heh heh. Sounds like how shrinks tell you the new pills on the market are totally different from the older ones.

    For one thing, they are all available in generic form. Not much of a commission. 🙂

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