Honor thy mother and thy father

My mother gave me a knapsack so I could carry my school books. She said if I had a knapsack I would put my schoolbooks in a safe place and I would not forget them. She said, “Julie, you will not forget your books anymore. Now, you will not forget to do your school work, either.”

Oh, drat.

I had no excuse now. With my sinny new knapsack, built to last, I really had no excuse, did I? I couldn’t forget those books! I couldn’t claim I didn’t have room for them, nor lie and say they were too much for my little arms to carry. I had plenty of room in mh knapsack to carry books, and more. Oh well….

My dad always had a boy scout knife with him, as he said it came in handy. He said it was useful when out in the woods. We made many excursions as a family. We even went to the bathroom in the woods! Even not in an outhouse, but on the trail. There was a word for that. Dad said “Never use poison ivy!”

Today I remembered many of the things that Mom and Dad taught me. I went to the grocery store as usual. While others drover their gas hogs, I happily went on foot, laughing merrily as I walked along the road.

I bought some food. But while out at the market, my glasses broke. uh oh. What now?

I have a jacknife in my pocket. This is what I did. In honor of my mom and my dad….

I peeled a rmovable label off one of the items I bought. I cut a small piece off the label, making a strip. I placed that strip, and another srip of “tape” onto my glasses.

It looks like a part of the glasses, not even “geeky.” So there! Even almost matching color.

Then, I carried my knapsack full of food back with me. Me and my fixed glasses.

Honor thy mother and thy father.

PS. Doing so doesn’t cost money. Just love and respect.


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